POD questions

  1. why the Player’s Companion is not in POD on drivethru?

  2. is Amazon a POD or just a way to get books printed otherwise?

I ask 1) because it seems odd
I ask 2) because book on createspace can get everywhere at 0 shipping cost but usually are softcover, instead on amazon.it I see the ACKS and Player’s Companion in HB at good price and Domains @ War at a very high price

  1. We discovered an error in the POD version of the Player’s Companion. We have removed it and are fixing the error. As soon as the new proof has been reviewed and finalized we will return it to POD availability.

  2. Some of what is shipping on Amazon is POD via Lightning Source and others are retailers selling into Amazon.


  1. good
  2. better, than Lightining Source is very good, I checked the price and the hardcover are really good priced (I am suffering the low tide of euro but it’s ok)… I think that I am getting a 2nd copy of the 2 basic books and 1 copy of the domain@battle hardcover (that if I got it right is the entire set)?