Podcast: The History of Rome.

After Christmas I started listening to The History of Rome podcast. The descriptions of the battles of the Punic Wars inspired me to finally read through Domains at War in detail, and the recent Axioms Gladiator supplement was released just as I got to the decadent period of Rome's history.

But today I listened to the article on Diocletian's economic reforms - Commanding the Economy - and it's straight out of ACKS. You can almost see the Emperor filling in the cells of his domain management spreadsheet and calculating expenses & revenues. (Now we just need rules for currency debasement and price controls.)

Another detail that got me interested is the transition from Antiquity to the feudal Europe. I've got a much better sense now how the culture and traditions developed over time.

I can't find a listing of all the episodes on the blog itself, but there's a directory on Reddit.

This sounds great. I might just start with the Punic war episode.