Pool of Life (2A)

So my players have just gained control of the Pool of Life on the Labratory level, and have been planning on experimenting with it next session. Specifically they are thinking of dunking a captured Ghoul into the pool to see what happens.

Since the Ghoul has been dead for (much) more than 24 hours it shouldn't bring him back to life. So the most likely effect would be that the undead would melt into goo in the pool. But that is kind of boring.

Any ideas for a gonzo effect that might happen?

The flesh of the ghoul becomes un-undead, flush with life and attempts to resist the urges of its still undead skeleton. The ghoul will struggle with itself and eventually start eating and tearing the flesh from itself until only a skeleton with a distended stomach remains. The skeleton functions like a ghouls with a single HD but with a slow movement since it carries its former flesh in its stomach.