Populating dungeons

  1. Some monsters arrive at a player dungeon and pass their % lair check, so they decide to lair there. Which # Appearing result do they use, the one for the size of a wandering wilderness encounter, or the one for the size of the dungeon lair?

  2. The monsters make the % lair check, but fail it. Do they still hang around the dungeon as “wandering monsters” with no treasure, or do they leave?

  1. Theoretically they would use the wandering wilderness encounter. This is usually, though not always, around the same size as the dungeon lair. For example:
    Orcs - dungeon lair is 1 warband, wilderness encounter is 1 warband
    Gorgons - dungeon lair is 1d4 gorgons, wilderness encounter is 1d4 gorgons

If for whatever reason a discrepancy or illogical result occurs, feel free to use your judgment to alter the results.

  1. They are assumed to leave.