Possible "Gnome Tongues" Errata

Shouldn’t one of the Gnome’s four bonus languages include Gnome?

dosn’t a gnome automatically speak gnomish?

If you look at the Dwarf and Elf bonus languages, they include the racial tongue.

In the future, ACKS grognards will argue about whether Gnomes had a racial language in the original campaigns.

@Minor: you’r right…i assumed that all demi-humans automatically speak their racial tongue and thus it would not be a “bonus” language - don’t they? so, if i have no INT-bonus as a demi-human, i do only speak common?

Charlatan: LMAO. If there was a badging system on these forums, you’d get a badge for that.
I’ll fix the error. Gnomes should speak Gnomish as one of their bonus languages, yes!