Potions and Scrolls...do they need monster parts?

Pretty much what I said above, do they need monster parts for things like scrolls and potions?

I’m trying to wrap my head around a thematically appropriate dead monster for a cure light wound scroll/potion.

The blood of trolls, for their regenerative properties! The sap of a willow treant, for its analgesic nature! And blanched spores of green slime, for their copious growth rate!

(At low levels, feel free to substitute throghrin blood for troll).

You could consider adding that rare herbs/plants, once infused with magic, make powerful curatives. It takes how ACKS approaches mundane healing (e.g. healing proficiency and the various healing herbs in the equipment section) and extends it into the realm of magic.

Yeah, that makes more sense to me. Considering how copious healing potions are in published modules, I just have a hard time imagining they all come from trolls and whatnot.

Now to figure out what the component cost should be, or how they locate those items… Hmmm…

There can be many recipes for the same potion, although there are scant few recommendations for a DM trying to come up with appropriate parts to key into the type of item being created.

Another viable solution for the mass production of potions of healing would be substituting divine power for the monstrous components… Provides a nice incentive to start into the domain game via congregations around 5th level.

Are you able to generate divine power at 5th level?

Yep! The divine power example in the book has a 4th-level cleric gathering a congregation, so I can only assume that a 5th would be able to do as well or better.

Although the question of generating it in any useful quantity is a separate one…

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From ACKS, Chapter 7, Creating Magical Items:

Creating magic items requires special components for each spell effect in the item. Components are usually organs or blood from one or more monsters with a total XP value equal to the gp cost of the research. The cost of any special components is in addition to the base cost of the research. If a character does not have a formula when he begins creating the item, he will not learn the special components until the work is 50% complete. The Judge will determine the specific components required for each item. Different formulas for the same item may require different components.


To be clear, what is required to make magic items is "special components". Special components are usually, but not always, monster parts; as Judge, it's up to you to determine what the components are. The choice can help you control how many magic items get created, and what type.

In my Auran Empire campaign, potions of 3rd level or less use rare herbs, and scrolls of 3rd level or less use crushed gems. These components are generally available for sale at the Tower of Knowledge to guild members. Conversely, the most powerful ritual magic (e.g. Wish spells) require very rare Fragments of the Tablet of Destiny, which cannot be bought at almost any price. In between, most other items require monster parts.


Conversely, the most powerful ritual magic (e.g. Wish spells) require very rare Fragments of the Tablet of Destiny, which cannot be bought at almost any price.

But any Devil is willing to sell you an alternate formula requiring “only” the blood of 300 virgins, right? :wink:

300 virgins would be worth 5 divine power each, or 1,500 divine power. That's only enough to power a 3rd level spell! A 9th level ritual would need 900 virgins!


Clearly this ritual is priced to move! You’d be crazy NOT to take this demon up on his offer.

Or by virgins what was meant were low-level priestesses and paladins… :stuck_out_tongue:

Even better!

And you find this out after you’ve sacrificed the first wave of 300.

It occurs to me that this conversation has revealed a deep divide in types of D&D gamers.

Gamers who like Carcosa want to know the method by which virgins must be sacrificed to unleash the dark powers.

Gamers who like ACKS want to know the volume of virgins which  must be sacrificed to unleash the dark powers.

I think I could build an entire Forge-type theory from this, if I put my mind to it.




It’s all about the resource management, man. :stuck_out_tongue: