Prepping Sakkara

I'm looking for some advice.  My players are beginning this adventure and I'm trying to prep for it.  The dungeon is pretty easy to handle (and overall, that's where my players' preferences will be).  But there is *so much* good stuff in the stronghold itself.

How best to introduce some of this as potential story hooks, as much of it seems like soap opera material that wouldn't just come out right away.  For instance, my players learned about the bounty from the innkeeper telling them what Valerian offered, as it seemed implausible to me that Valerian has time or inclination to meet with every adventuring company that presents itself.

How did you handle these things in your runthrough?

I typically start them at the gates. I have them role-play with the gate warden to see if they get admittance to see Valerian. If not they are sent packing to the inn. From there I let reaction rolls and rumors be my guide...