Prestidigitation question


I noticed that this doesn’t come up with any of the official classes, but what would happen if a character with thief skills took the prestidigitation proficiency? It may be mentioned in the rules, but it’s not obvious. My first thought was that they would pick pockets as a thief of 1.5x their level, but I don’t think that is right. I’m leaning toward either no stacking or +2, like the other thief skill proficiencies. Is there an official answer on this?

Great question! There's no official ruling.

If a Thief-type wanted to use Prestidigitation to pick pockets "hands free," I'd allow them to do at their standard target value for a Thief. That would make for a very powerful pickpocket, as he could essentially steal without needing to approach or bump into his "mark".

If a Thief-type was willing to use both his hands and his magic, I'd give them +2 on their roll.