Pricing out a Pearl of Power

How would you go about pricing out a Pearl of Power, which in this case grants a Divine caster one extra 1st-level spell cast per day? My initial work on it seems to indicate that it should be valued at 5,000gp based on the numbers on page 118 of the core rulebook – Permanent Effect, Use 1/day 500gp x spell level x 10.

However, relative to the values of some other magic items from Alex’s old magic item value spreadsheet, 5,000gp feels low.

Am I calculating it incorrectly? Thanks in advance.

That price is for using a specific spell. For example, Cure Light Wounds 1/day.

In 3.5, the cost of a Pearl of Power is 1,000 gp. This is 20 times the cost of a potion (of a first level spell) or 5/9ths the price of a command word item. (The reason it’s cheaper than a command word item is because it requires you to have a spell slot to recover to use in the first place).

In ACKS, 20 times the cost of a potion would be 10,000 gp. 5/9ths the cost of a command word item would be 2,778 gp. So obviously, these numbers aren’t going to line up exactly.

However, given that the pearl of power requires you to have a spell slot, and to use that spell slot, and then to use the item to recover it, and while it’s more flexible than specific spell 1/day, it’s still limited by your repertoire (or spell list, in the case of a divine character), I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it having the same cost as other 1/day items. I would go with 5,000 gp myself for the cost.

I would suggest tacking on a maximum of one pearl per spellcaster, because you can’t give wizards an inch. Also, became all wizards wearing pearl necklasses is too silly.

SB: Also, became all wizards wearing pearl necklaces is too silly.

To be fair, a good number of wizards already have ZZ Top beards.

I think 5,000gp would be an appropriate price.

Here’s my reasoning:

  1. An item that provides for a specific spell 1/day costs 5,000gp.

  2. A pearl of power allows you to regain any 1st level spell in your repertoire 1/day. As such it seems more powerful than an item that allows you to cast a specific spell. Conversely, you have to be a caster at all to use it, and it can only regain spells from your repertoire, so it seems less powerful. On balance, it’s probably about equivalent.

  3. The efficacy of a pearl of power is similar to the Contemplation proficiency. Imagine a Transmogrification spell that gave you the Contemplation proficiency long enough to regain 1 spell would be (Effect 20, Self x0.5, Duration 6 turns x1) 10 points or level 1. An item that allowed you to cast the Contemplation spell 1/day would cost 5,000gp. The pearl of power doesn’t require an hour of concentration, so it’s more powerful. However, it can only restore a 1st level spell, so it’s less powerful. On balance, it’s probably about equivalent.

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