[Proficiency] Nimblefingered

Alex’s topic on thieves and thievery got me thinking about thief skill-enhancing proficiencies. I noticed that while there are proficiencies available in the core rules to help out with locks, traps, hear noise, etc., there is nothing available to a thief who wishes to enhance his or her pick pocket skill (something of the ugly stepchild of thief skills anyway, in my experience). Here’s my crack at it:

Nimblefingered: The character possesses a particularly deft touch. They receive a +2 bonus on any proficiency throws to pick pockets. Additionally, a nimblefingered character may quickly retrieve a single unsecured item from their backpack or person in the same round they wish to perform a second action.

Feedback welcome.

*edit: removed the initiative penalty for retrieving an item

I’d use it if i had a PC interested in picking pockets. Definitely an element of thieving that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

I like it! I wouldn’t impose the initiative penalty on the character. Proficiency slots are rare… may as well make them useful.

Nice. I agree with Alex, no real need to impose a penalty to initiative. I might steal this if you don’t mind.

Thanks for the feedback - and I’ll remove the initiative penalty. And please steal away, Beragon!