progression of special abilities


I was curious about other options for customization beyond that presented in the companion.

If we wanted faster flying, for example, I would imagine that it steps up something like infravision…? 5 powers per 30 feet of movement?

What if we want higher level spell like effects more often? Is it reasonable to increase the frequency of say a 3rd level spell effect by taking it multiple times? I’m thinking of, say, treating a 3rd level effect like a first level effect by taking 3 press, or something.

I know you were considering making a centaur… What would it cost to be a quadruped with the ability to carry a rider?


Not an Autarch, but…

I probably wouldn’t charge 5 customs per 30’ because to me, the 5 customs is more of a barrier to entry. After that, after the cat is out of the bag and the character can fly at will, their speed only adds slightly to their power. I’d probably just charge 1 per extra 30’ or maybe 2.

I’d also say that if you took a third level effect 3 times, that would simply being able to use it 3 times a day. Which is pretty sweet, honestly.