Promoting Lairs & Encounters + The Patreon to communities of other rules sets

Like the title says, I believe ACKs, especially this particular kickstarter, has the potential to be useful to other people who predominantly use a rules set other than ACKs. Similarly, I think it is on we, the dedicated few, to spread the message since Alex and any other Autarchs are hard at work making the best products possible.

It is further my belief that a single, random post to a community about a kickstarter or patreon is bound to be ignored/buried quickly underneath normal activity in either a G+ community or forum, so having each individual person pick whatever communities they're in and go nuts will not be effective.  

Instead, if we use a G+ community as an example, we all propose G+ communities we are already a part of, make a single post there, and invite other members of this forum who are also part of that community to +1 the post and respond to it with testimony of how they think it relates.  As an added bonus, if many of us are active on a thread, that's more opportunities for the curious to get responses to questions they might ask.

Obviously, testimony on how you converted ACKs material or rules subsystems for use in the system a community is centered around is good, but I think equally valid are any examples where you've used their material in ACKs, since it shows conversion is possible (and would presumably work in either direction).  For example, if we were to talk in a Labyrinth Lord focused community, I could talk about how I've been able to use the Dyson Logos adventures from Dyson's Delves, which use LL descending AC, as points of adventure in my ACKs campaign.

The only caveat I would add is we should probably avoid astroturfing. If someone proposes a forum and you're not already a member of that forum, it's pretty sketchy for someone to sign up and only make one post endorsing some outside product.  That being said, I looked on another forum mentioned the other day and I saw a bunch of familiar names discussing ACKs.  Doing that again while promoting L&E or the Patreon could be a big boost for either endeavor.

Alright, with that out of the way, here are some G+ communities I'm part of that I think might be open to a post promoting L&E:

  • B/X D&D (1098 members)
  • Blueholme (983 members)
  • D&D 5e (5516 members)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (~9000 members)
  • History RPGs (tabletop) (~1400 members)
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess (~1200 members)
  • MEGADUNGEON (~450)
  • One Page Dungeon Contest (~600)
  • Original Dungeons & Dragons (OD&D) (~1400)
  • OSR (~3500)

there's a few others, but they felt like a bit of a stretch, and of course some of these are probably already a stretch, but if anyone else is part of any of these communities and wants to try and get a post going, or if anyone wants to propose other communities.  I don't generally do forums much besides this one, but it seems like other people do, so that would be a good thing to discuss as well.

I used to post on the Wizards forums, back when they existed.

(Sadly, after that disappearance, I’m not really active on any other RPG or RPG-adjacent forum that isn’t ‘a small group of friends who I already told about these things’.)

Yeah, I convinced one of my players from my now defunct play-by-post group to back both SSoS and this, knowing full well that the only way either of these books will likely see use is with me running and therefore needing him to not have read them.

I'd hit EnWorld (used to hang out there a lot back in the early d20 days) and The Big Purple late last week. 

I got "XP" or something for the EnWorld post, so I know someone saw it.


...looks like someone announced on Dragonsfoot already.

I'm not a member of any G+ groups (well, I am, but no relevant ones right now; I suppose I should change that), but I am a member of a number of forums (or fora, if you prefer), namely:

I'll see about making the rounds and either starting new threads or replying to existing ones.





ooooh, I used to post on EnWorld back in my 4e days. Where did you make your post?

If I've learned my lingo well, the big purple is I don't post there so it would probably just come off as me shilling to do so now.

Not familiar with Dragonsfoot


ooooh, I used to post on EnWorld back in my 4e days. Where did you make your post?

If I've learned my lingo well, the big purple is I don't post there so it would probably just come off as me shilling to do so now.

Not familiar with Dragonsfoot


I made it in the Publisher Business forum on Enworld.

Yea, the Purple is I don't post there either.

I honestly don't go to a lot of other gaming forums anymore. I check TheRPGSite once in a blue moon to see if anyone's talking about ACKS, but, in general, I don't have the time for people arguing the same damn things over and over again.

This here place is such a gem, full of people who are by and large focused on doing good things with the game rather than ...whatever happens elsewhere.


enworld is an org

Thanks, fixed!

no problem. I went and bandwagon'd on Koewn's announcement of the L&E Kickstarter

This forum also seems to be very comfortable with the ultimate argument ender: "Every campaign is a law unto itself" which is an eloquent way to say "If you think it should be that way, do it that way."  I find it's a useful tactic when discussions stop being useful and are just differences in preference butting heads.

Someone already hit /r/rpg on reddit, but /r/osr might be good too.

totally forgot about reddit.  there's a site where more attention (ie: upvotes) could help increase visibility. here's a link to the thread for those who want to upvote: