Question about hex map

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with determining which hexes are civilized, which are borderlands and which are wilderness. Currently I have assumed that west side of Krysivor river is borderlands and east is wilderness, but I am unsure if this is the most accurate approach. I saw that Cyfaraun should be placed somewhere north of Turos Quell (see Player Map in Downloads section), so maybe Turos Quell and the territory around lake Laman should be civilized?


Turos Quell is civilized, yes. It's within range of Cyfaraun, a small city. 

Civilized: Cyfaraun, Samos, Turos Orn, Kruantem, Turos Quell, Mithyetem

Borderlands: Siadanos, Sarotem, Andrastem, Zelictum, Menicos, Turos Aure, Turos Augil, Turos Veren, Luseatum

Wilderness: Turos Telle, Turos Erin, Turos Drav, Turos Luin, Turos Tem, Turos Aster, Turos Spen, Turos Morn, Turos Zera, Turos Gundan

Note that some of these locations appear on the Borderlands map (found in Capital of the Borderlands) rather than in the SInister Stone of Sakkara map.



Where can we get the Capital of the Borderlands supplement?

Deakin, it's not yet released. Secrets of the Nethercity backers have been given some sneak peeks!

Oh I see! Fair enough :) I'll wait for it then.