Question about maps


I have one question about the maps for levels 2B and 3B. In level 2B there is a set of stairs in the northwest corner that leads to level 3B, but in level 3B there are no corresponding stairs. It is around room 40 in level 3B.

My main question is, should those stairs be there in level 3B or not? I am working in that level now for MapTool and I am not sure if I should include them or not.


James said "The stairs in Room 70 actually go down quite deep to Level 6 (The Ossuaries). This will be fixed when the map gets revised."

Level 6! Now you are really scaring me :slight_smile:

Are we expecting major revisions of the existing maps or just a few changes here and there? I am wondering if I should stop making the Maptool until the final version, but the problem is that each map takes a lot of time, so I prefer to advance as much as I can while I have the time.


I have to say that I really like the look of the maps. Well done by the cartographer.