Question around partial mages

The basic mage has the following:
Starting at 5th level, … may begin to research spells, scribe scrolls, and brew potions… reaches 9th level … create more powerful magic items such as weapons, rings, and staffs.
So, if a class has Arcane 2 (1/2 Mage) does then translat to 10th and 18th (unreachable) level or does it become 10th and 14th or do they loose the second ability?

My understanding is that you never get that second ability. For example, the Elven Nightblade (a 1/2 mage class) can’t ever make weapons, rings and staffs since its maximum level is 11th. I don’t think it is so much “losing” the ability as much as “never qualifying” for it.

When Alex was working with me on creating my custom class, which also has 1/2 caster level progression, that was the case - scrolls, potions, and spell research at 10th and that’s it.

That’s correct…

Thanks :slight_smile: