question on shipping

so if we uped our pledge and filled out the form for the core along with the players, will the core ship first or with the players when it ships? if i needed a core now i guess i need to order another one, just not sure.


Normally the ACKS core book would ship along with the Player’s Companion in order to combine shipping. If you want to pay shipping twice we can certainly send the core book now and the PC as soon as it’s ready, though.


I pledged for the GaryCon pre-release of the Companion. I’m also waiting on the ACKS Full release from the original kickstarter.

Are these going to be shipping soon?


Tavis, I missed the PC Kickstarter by one day (curses!). Is it too late to order one and combine with my ACKS Core Rules?

You should have my purchase and shipping info under “Brock Cusick”.

Erik, I’d offer to hand-deliver your copy but all the pre-release ones went to the warehouse! They’ve been packing today and will ship tomorrow.

The problem with combining the Player’s Companion is that it won’t ship until July! Only the pre-release versions are ready to go out in combination with ACKS Core.

I missed the ACKs KS but purchased through GameSalute. Is there an ETA on the hardcover shipping? And by ‘hardcover’, isn’t it a boxed set or have I got my lines mixed.

^Ah just ignore that, I found the answer.