Question on Turn Undead

The description of the “Turn Undead” says:

“There is no limit to how often a cleric may attempt to turn undead each day, but if an attempt to turn undead fails during an encounter, the cleric may not attempt to turn undead again for the remainder of that encounter.”


“If the cleric attacks turned undead in melee combat, the turning effect is broken, but he can use spells or missile weapons against them, and other characters may attack them in any fashion, without breaking the turning effect.”

So, I’m not sure if the cleric can turn undead every turn over different creatures. Obviously, “Turn Undead” is not a melee attack, so the logic answer is YES. But, This looks too much powerful! Am I loosing something?
For example: a lvl 3 cleric encounter 15 skeletons. He automatically turn them, so he rolls 2d6 and obtains 8 HD. So 8 skeletons flee. Can he in the next round use turn undead over the remain skeletons?

Is there a chance to fail the turn undead? although it is “automatic”, Can he fail the turn rolling a “1” or doesn’t he need roll the dice?

If the turn is automatic, he doesn’t need to roll the dice. And yes, he can continue trying to turn more skeletons each round. But don’t forget, the skeletons end up fleeing somewhere, so if they aren’t killed this encounter, they’ll show up in a later one.

Thanks for the confirmation.
My group has a blade dancer and a dwarven craftpriest, so they can overrun any group of low level undead very easily, even the skeletons com back later in greater groups.