Quick and Dirty ACKS Character Class Checker

Hi folks,
Prepping for my ACKS game yesterday I knocked together a quick spreadsheet to quickly tell my players which classes they were eligible for (given that we’ll be playing via G+ Hangout, it’s all being done online). Not to be outdone, my good man Dave (Dave2 on here) took my spreadsheet and improved it.
We decided to release it into the wild so anyone can use it:
Essentially - stick in your rolled attributes (there’s room for 5 sets), including cash. The sheet will show you the sum of your attributes and the average roll (with and without cash) - which is just there if you’re interested in stats. It will also show you which classes you can and can’t play by shading the boxes below the attributes.
Black = You don’t qualify
Red = You can play this.
Amber = You qualify for +5% xp
Green = You qualify for +10% xp.
As the additional classes get added from the Kickstarter we’ll add them too. Let me know if you spot any errors!