Quotes Largely Fixed, Default Post Format Changed

Via deep computamancy existing and new quotes should largely be fixed, though I expect there may be stray HTML tags showing up here and there with older quotes. If you come across a older post where you’re still seeing the broken quote effect, please send me a PM so I can investigate that instance.

You may also free-quote anything you’d like, by enclosing it as so:

To do the above, I enclosed the text I was wanting to quote in a tag structure as

[ quote = “Author Name” ]
quoted text
[ /quote ]

though for execution, you must leave out the spaces separating the “[” and “]” brackets.

In addition, everyone’s text format should be defaulting to Filtered HTML, which allows you to use a limited set of HTML tags for bolds (strong), italics (em), lists, code blocks.

Again, if anything shows amiss, please send me a PM with a link to the offending post.


And these quotes should nest, though I’m still looking into the functions for that, as it could be slightly cleaner than it’s performing right now.

“Deep computamancy” inspires me to write ACKS Cyberpunk.


Would work pretty well. Thief and fighter don’t change much, mage → hacker, keep the mortal wounds table, the clerical role gets filled by the fixer, “that guy with all the corporate connections who can get us into the fancy hospitals without anyone asking too many questions” (heck, roll the venturer’s gear acquisition capabilities into him too).

(I’ve also written some thoughts on hackers in cyberpunk at http://wanderinggamist.blogspot.com/2015/01/computer-wizards-of-present-future.html )