R Users in the ACKS community

Are there any toher R users on the forums?

I've been developing some scripts for use in my own campaing (NPC, item and dungeon generation). Would anyone be interested in them if I put them up on GitHub or soemthing? I would need to make them a little more user-friendly, but I'll do that at some point if anyone out there is interested.

Is this an abbreviation for Ruby, or is there a new thing I haven’t heard about?

(I don’t actually use Ruby, but I am aware of its existence, at least.)

R is an open source analytical software package. It's more often used by economists and statisticians than programmers. 

I don’t know R, but I pretty much believe in “put all the ACKS tools on github and maybe someone will find them interesting.” Maybe if they’re awesome I’ll just have to learn some R to tweak them.

I've compiled R for others, but never used it.

I'd concur with jedavis that putting it out there is the best course of action - see what sort of feedback you get.

I think you're going to win the forum badge for most complex tool, however, until some soul comes in and slaps the Auran Empire into ArcGIS.



I’ve been thinking about writing a Dwarf Fortress-style campaign world generator, starting from plate tectonics and eventually outputting a hexographer mapfile with 6-mile hexes annotated with population and monster lairs. Guess I ought to get cracking on that…


As a bonus, monster creation rules from Lairs & Encounters will generate forgotten beasts just as easy as pie.

I've got a Perl program that takes input for terrain types in a 24 mile hex and uses Welsh Piper's random hex terrain generator to fill out the 6 mile hexes, in HTML...did that like 3 years ago and never got around to putting it anywhere....:/


I would like to subscribe to the two of you's newsletter.

All the tools are just random table rollers, I only use R because that's the language I know. Although I did have an idea for an NPC generating process that would better fit the stat line to a class than the random table process does. 

Almost anything that would run under a Linux platform that can be made to output HTML could in theory be hosted at this site, given some restrictions on CPU/RAM footprint and consideration given to input bounds checking and the like.

If there's general agreement on a repository solution a group "Autarch" sort of thing could be set up as well.


Yeah, I am concerned about the psychological consequences of embarking on any project that could be reasonably compared to parts of Dwarf Fortress…

Any news on L&E’s status in the pipeline? Is that the next kickstarter?

Whoa, nice. That is a problem I’ve been having myself recently at a smaller scale (1.5mi hexes inside 6mi hexes). Would be pretty interested to see that (not that I’d be able to read it, if it’s typical perl… :P).

It's meant to be the next Kickstarter, yes.

(not that I'd be able to read it, if it's typical perl... :P)

Hahahhahahahahhahaha. Oh...it's worse than that. I'll email it to you when I find it.

....late update: the Perl module I was using to roll my dice updated to the OOP constructor method and I gotta redo my calls, so...take a few days.

I do R, and I would be curious to see what you have.

I have a bunch of scripts that roll on the major random tables in the game:

  • Generating Henchmen by Market Class
  • Generating groups of NPCs
  • Generatign dungeon contents by dungeon level and number of rooms
  • generating magic items
  • I'm also working on one for mass-generation of wilderness encounters for hex clearing

At the moment, they're not easy to operate, but I'm planning to re-write most of the operations so they're functions (so if you want a random magic potion, you can just enter "magic_potion()"). I may even package them, if that proves to be simple enough.

[quote="James K"]

R is an open source analytical software package. It's more often used by economists and statisticians than programmers. 



Christ on a cracker, I never thought I'd see R on one of my gaming websites. I thought I could keep my professional and personal lives seperate!

I like to think of it as having a transferable skill set. Besides which, why would I do all that random rolling myself, when I can make a computer do it for me :)



A curated ACKS / Autarch repo consisting of either pulls or submodules could be very useful. Ideally if everyone was to maintain their own repos, the curator wouldn't have that much work to do.