Race building

Hi, I am new here and Newish to ACKs. I am having a bit of an issue with creating new race values. I have seen a few posts by Alex, but I am still unclear on the value xp.

Now I am using a post in this thread as a guideline http://www.autarch.co/forum/gnomish-infravision-0 post number 8

Now My race has the following at Value zero

  • Claws and kick( claws and fang) at a value of 2
  • Powerful leaper( custom power I valued at 2)
  • Low light vision ( Custom Power i valued at 1)

So going by the steps
1: The number of powers is 3
2:-1 giving us 2
3: add 3 for 3 powers above 1+ humans do not have. Total of 5
or do I Add 1 point per point of power humans do not have in that cases its 7 not 5
4: 5 or 7 x 40 giving 200 or maybe 280
5: round to nearest 25( up only?) which is 200 or 275 or 300?

Ok six and seven is where it really breaks down…How do I find values for race 1-4? Do I simply add it up as steps 1-5?

If anyone can help, I would be very grateful.

Look here:


That is what I linked in my post. It does not answer my questions. It helped but it does not tell me

1:On step 3 I do it the 1st or 2nd way I listed
2:On Step 5 do I round up only?
3:On step 6 and 7…how do I found the Values of Race 1 though 4?

1: Step 3 “add 1 if”, not “add 1 for each”, so you just add 1 if the condition is met (powers not available to humans).
2: Step 5, “round nearest”, nothing about up or down. 280 is closer to 275 than 300, so it becomes 275.

You seem to be missing racial values 1-4 entirely. You can’t figure out Racial Value 4 XP cost unless you create “content” for those values.

Thanks,for the reply. That helps, so my total would
*3 powers-1
*3 powers over 1
*total 5x40= 200

I have the values created, I just posted the zero value as an example. I just did not know if I added up values 1-4 as steps 1 though 4. I am now Guessing I just follow steps 1-4 to find the values correct?

Yeah, 200 XP looks correct.

And you basically just repeat the same thing independently for each Racial Value: (# of powers) - 1, +1 if there are powers not available to humans, x40, round to nearest interval of 25…

A lot of races also just straight up give you the equivalent of one of the other Values, in which case you’d add that cost straight to your racial value XP cost: granting Fighting +1 adds 500 XP, Fighting +2 adds 1000 XP…

Many thanks. I stuck +1 fighting on value 4 as honestly I had no clue what else to add that fit. Seemed like what all the other races did.

It all depends on what sort of classes you want to build. I think when building races past Racial Value 0, you need to think less about simulation and more about what classes you want to use it for.

Elves are supposed to make “multi-class” mages - they combine X with “Arcane Magician” - so they get Arcane Value.

Thrassians are supposed to make “Monster” warriors with good HD and I suppose warrior-priests and warrior-mages - they combine X with “Warrior” - so they get Fighting Value.

Dwarves are supposed to be skillful, so their Racial Value just adds proficiencies.

I’ve created Half-Giants, who get free HD Value with their Racial Value, because I wanted to make all Half-Giants very tough. (The only class so far is the Half-Giant Brute, with d12 HD and Hero fighting ability.)

I’ve also made Mantis Men, who get Fighting Value +1 at Racial Value 2 and higher; most of them are Explorer types, so this leaves me more class points to give them more skills or better HD.

Good points. These guys are feathered Dino people, they are the settings 'Lizard men" and well, elves. Many have a spiritual side, so maybe cleric works best at rank 4. Ranks 1-3 just up the claws, adds attuned to nature, alertness and scent tracking to reflect their predatory nature.