Race focused classes - more an ACKS II question

So do dwarves use Vaultguard in lieu of fighter or do both dwarven fighters and dwarven vaultguard exist side by side? Do dwarven explorers or Venturers exist?

I ask because I am wondering if the base 6 classes exist for all races THEN add the Demi human classes OR if iDemi Human classes replace their selection.

How do the By This Axe and Player companion classes (ie ranger) which are 1st ed, stack up when ported straight into ACKS II? They look like the are more or less cut and paste into the new edition as is.

The demi-human classes replace their selection. The dwarves don’t have an archetype of ‘generic fighter’, they have vaultguards, tombsealers, furies, etc.

The By This Axe classes are fully compatible with ACKS II. Just plug and play.

The Player’s Companion classes are slightly weaker than comparable classes in ACKS II; generally you have to add 1 general proficiency to each to reach the same power level.


Massively helpful! Appreciated.

I’m excited for the general II release but the elf book won’t be ready for a while, so need to use the player companion.