Random Halfling Misgivings

Each a time a halfling henchman is asked to explore a new wilderness hex or enter a dungeon, roll on the Random Halfling Misgivings table.

The adventurer can either accommodate the misgiving or attempt to overcome the misgiving with a reaction roll. If he accommodates it, the halfling suffers a -10% penalty on earned XP for that adventure. To overcome it, the adventurer must score 9+ on a modified reaction roll, factoring in CHA, proficiencies, and loyalty. If the attempt succeeds, the halfling gains a +5% bonus on earned XP for that adventure. If the attempt fails, the halfling must be accommodated or left behind.

Roll 1d12

  1. Oh my! It’s time for Elevensies already.

  2. What do you mean we’re not stopping for Second Breakfast? This is barbarism.

  3. I don’t think the pony likes it here! Poor Mr. pony is quite disconcerted, he is.

  4. I though there’d be more elves, Mr. Adventurer. Where are the elves?

  5. My handkerchief. I’ve quite forgotten it. We need to go back.

  6. That looks like a shady place we could stop for a while to get out of the sun. I do have quite a sweat.

  7. Why would we go there? There’s a reason abandoned places have been abandoned, me mum always used to say.

  8. Oh, what I’d do for a spot of tea with some honeycakes right now.

  9. The stink is positively uncivilized and I will not take my rest here.

  10. If I’d know we’d be trekking through a swamp, I’d have put on shoes, unseemly as that is.

  11. Does no one outside of the shire know what an umbrellas is? All this rain and not a parasol in sight.

  12. Roll twice and complain about both things