Random Treasure: Rolling for magic items

Looking on the chart on p.206 under the column, “Magic Items”:
When it states something like:

50% any 2…

  1. does that mean you roll once and get a result of 0 or 2 items

  2. does that mean you roll twice - once for each item and get a result of 0, 1, or 2 items?

I asked this when I was building the treasure generator. The answer, roughly, was:

  1. By the book, roll once and get 0 or 2 items.

  2. However, that’s at least partly (game design standpoint) to reduce the sheer volume of rolls the Judge has to make. It’s perfectly valid to roll it once for each item, getting a result of 0, 1, or 2, and for a program, there’s no reason to worry about how many times the “Judge” is rolling.

In both cases, you get the same average number of items: the difference is how swingy the probabilities are.

Addendum: the original thread.

Ah, thanks Thomas… I remember that thread, but could not find it. I’m going to go with more rolls than less in when rolling for treasure, as it’s not hard to roll a few more dice; and it works either way; and I like the overall results better.