Range for Bola

Not finding this listed anywhere in the book. (Can’t believe we’ve played more than 150 sessions and just asking this…)

Anyone know if it’s listed somewhere or been mentioned on the forum? I did a search and couldn’t find anything.



I can't believe you've played more than 150 sessions! Holy moly! I..you've..It's just...you've played more ACKS than me now. I'm at 143 sessions. Which I think is a lot given that most RPGs get released with little internal playtesting at all, but still. Damn, dude! 

Bolas reputedly have an effective range of about 35 to 50 yards. For game purposes, treat them as Darts.





Mike is being modest. We are playing our 192 session this Wednesday - two DMs, very robust sand box with a solid core of 14 players with several others dropping in and out over the years. Many of us have been participating since session one and haven’t lost a beat. The campaign is just shy of three years campaign time and two years real life time.

On topic, I can’t believe the question of bola ranges hasn’t come up yet either. Everything else has been dissected ad naseum.

Ha! We’ve played so much I lose track.

We have 5 characters with domains now. Impressive.

Bolas as Dart. Works for me!