Reaction Rolls to Armies?

As adventurers move from well-equipped parties to small armies to actual armies, how do folks handle the reactions of settlements? I’m thinking mostly of settlements in unsecured or loosely controlled domains. But even in civilized domains, adventurers marching about with a small army seems likely to generate some reaction.

My first thought was “This is one reason why banners exist.” If a detachment of cavalry approaches flying the king’s banner, peasants don’t expect to know why the cavalry is there, but neither do they run away. On the other hand, cavalry approaching flying the banner of the Dark Lord of Terror create another reaction. If the cavalry consists of undead on fiery steeds, that reaction is all but guaranteed.

This suggests some possible modifiers for a reaction roll for settlements approached by troops:
Friend or foe banners/identifiers
Troop Types
Exotic Creatures
Obvious spellcasters/spell effects

At some point, might armies on the march create or enhance D@W: C reconnaissance rolls in the form of messengers or fleeing peasants that alert more distant settlements?

Or maybe fools and the fools who follow them routinely march around settlements, on their way to some forgotten death, i.e. adventurers are ignored unless they formally take the reins of power, or do something else demanding attention.

I feel the local garrison size might play into this as well. If your army is huge and you come upon some podunk settlement, it doesn’t matter too much mechanics wise what they think of you.

I'd imagine that if you're marching armies around tiny settlements, you're either moving to a new location to help your liege garrison whatever lands he gave you(or to garrison your own lands), in which case they'd see the banner and know you were of "friendly" forces. I put friendly in quotes because, as far as I've read, armies treated citizenry extremely poorly in times of war, which is the likeliest time you'd be marching around with a literal army - so they might be accomodating outwardly but still generally very fearful and intimidated.


The other option is you're not considered friendly forces towards them, which means that you're either at war with them or have some sort of treaty allowing your forces to move through their liege's lands, or they're not beholden to a which case they are likely to be conquered by whoever has the power to do so in short order regardless of what they think about it.