Recharging Rods, Staves and Wands

A quick question for you all… I can find no hard and fast rule(s) in ACKS for recharging magic items. Under the description for Rods of Cancellation it specifically states that this item has one use and cannot be recharged, so I’m assuming other charged items can be recharged if a spellcaster has the appropriate spells to do so.

So are there any official rules? Do all you other DMs house rule this?


The magical research rules provide a per-charge cost for charged magic items. I would assume that magical research would be used to recharge it.

Right, and that’s how we’ve been leaning also. Perhaps I’m over thinking this, but a part of me thinks the time and cost for recharging a magic item should be less than the cost of creating that item in the first place. I suppose if we just subtract the “special component” cost and tweak the time a bit the Magical Research rules would work well.

There are a few items which can be recharged by casting the spell into them (teleport helm, for example), which you could use as a reference point.

Otherwise, I think of each individual charge as a separate enchantment, much like the ritual magic “items.” The main advantage of recharging is that you don’t have to research the magic item - you already have a sample on hand.

ACKS does not account for recharging of items. If you allow recharging to be cheaper than initial charging, it can cause distortions in the world/economy. (Imagine a kingdom with several dozen old Wands of Fireball which it cheaply charges up whenever a war breaks out. Suddenly fireball dominates the battlefield).

My recommendation would be to treat recharging as creation of a charged magical item with a sample at hand.