I've done forum searches but can't seem to find an answer to this basic question: what role do Reciters play in a Syndicate? They're expensive *and* don't have any thief skills.

Maybe they’re the lawyers?

Nah, it's cool. They're with the band.


I have to check, but I think they are zero-level bards and they have something to do with generating rumors and or treasure maps...

My bard player in my campaign has a bunch of them... he sends them off like spies... I play it that they spread stories/legends of the player's character and on a successful performance throw in a settlement, they grant the bard a bonus to reactions in that settlement.

Hm. That's a cool idea. Brainstorming:

- Cause a settlement to count as 'visited' for the purposes of a master's Mercantile Network or other similar proficiency (or erase that status for someone else?)
- Affect the morale in a positive or negative way of the domain a settlement is in (see Axioms' Campaign Play Administer Domain action - grant ruler -/+ 1 to morale and -/+ 5% domain XP)
- Affect in a positive or negative way a trial of themselves or others (see Bribing Magistrate action)
- Affect in a positive or negative way the view of a Senate on various matters up for vote (see Axioms...3?)
- Affect the ability for themselves or another to trade or hire in a settlement (reaction rolls to hire, trade, passengers, etc)
- Affect the reaction rolls for themselves or another with the settlement/domain's ruler

Kind of an overarching "Propaganda" hijink, I guess? The Performance proficiency is a bit coarse for that, roll-wise, so I'm not sure how to mechanize that aside from just declaring a new "thief skill" that includes this sort of stuff.