Recruiting for play-by-post

I’m looking for 1–3 players to fill out the ranks on RPOL, if you have a membership there. The game link. We’ve been playing for a while, and at least one player is second level.

When making a request to join:

  1. Your character will be a member of a party. Make sure you’re a team player.

  2. Don’t create a character yet, as some rolls are involved. Abilities are 4d6, drop the lowest, with +1 to two (mathematically very close to the King Method in ACKS, if you are familiar with it). XP will start at 1,200. You don’t need to know ACKS at all to play, but I suspect you do ;-).

  3. We post a few times a week, at least. We are friendly OOC. We fade to black as appropriate (Mature, not Adult).

  4. Provide a short prose writing sample (one or two paragraphs). This step is to make sure you aren’t likely to cause me physical pain. Narrative prose is best.

  5. Ask at least one question about a setting detail. This can be a detail on something I’ve already covered, or (even more helpfully) something I haven’t covered. It should be something that interests you.

  6. Mention that you are an Autarch forumite. I’m advertising on RPOL as well, and some preference will be given to folks who hang out here.

Notes about the setting (at least what the players know about it), existing game play so far, and so on are all in the game forum.