Red Tide

Not having anybody cool where I live, I have been relegated to the internet for my ACKs gaming. Since it’s already out there, I thought I’d share.

Here’s the second “session” of our campaign using the very cool “Red Tide” setting:

Red Tide 2

(The first “session” started out using Labyrinth Lord, since it was free.)

I’ve got an Obsidian Portal page HERE, but it hasn’t been updated since they entered the dungeon an hour and a half ago.

It is only through dumb luck that these guys haven’t gotten themselves murdered, because they keep exposing themselves to death. I don’t know if they’re in the proper ACKs mindset yet.

We’ve got 2.5 PCs: Yosif the Dwarven Vaultguard who talks like he’s Scottish even though Red Tide dwarves are culturally eastern-European. Walderson the Mage. San Chal the cleric of a god of wealth and trade who hasn’t posted in so long that he’s been relegated to NPC status.

And then two 0-level henchmen, the seductive (and reasonably combat effective) Fleta, and the eager-to-adventure young Yudai.

In the interest of pushing the play experience forward, I’m doubling all of the treasure.

Anyway, there you go.

I like the little maps you include for each room, what do you make them with/where do you host them?

I use Dungeon Demon with the “Inked Adventures” art pack to make the core of the map, with Photoshop for touch-up work or any elements that I can’t find in Dungeon Demon.

I like the results, though honestly, I don’t know how great a deal it is. The program is a little tricky to figure out and has some wonky behavior. But, I already paid for it, so I’ll make the best of it.

And the images are hosted within the forum itself.

But anyway, thanks, I like the maps, too.

Now I’m using for my maps. My game is still an asynchronous forum game, but I’m taking advantage of the bunch of tokens and ease of access that that (free) Roll20 product allows, and then posting screenshot snippets.

After a lost eye and a pierced lung, I think that the players are getting a feel for where things sit, danger-wise.

Once they (barely) recovered, the dwarf decided that he wanted to do some arbitrage trading, to perhaps sell the townsfolk a few crates of tools. First of all, it’s awesome that ACKs totally supports this. It’s doubly awesome, because the player doesn’t have the ACKs book and isn’t familiar with the system. He apparently just came up with this idea on his own. Yay!

That said, they’re first-level noobs with only a few hundred gold and four henchmen between them. It’s 6 hexes across grassland, but it’s still a gamble. They may decide to work the nearby dungeon a bit more before trying anything crazy.

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