References I don't recognize

So, there are a few references (apparently place names) I see that I don’t recognize from previous discussions:


I’m guessing Uttar may be the equivalent to India, given that Uttar Pradesh is a province in northern India (whose name literally means “North Province”).

Krysea may be Crete, since one of the Mycenaean names for the island was Kresijos?

Corcanos I have no idea about.

Corcano is an island north of Aura in the Ammas Aure. It is similar to Crete or Sicily.

Krysea is a province along the borderlands. Kryseans are similar to Illyrians and Thracians in that they are considered somewhat backward and barbaric by the more civilized Nicean and Tirenean (Auran) neighbors but are nevertheless of the same basic ethnic and linguistic group.

Uttar is the capital of Somirea, the Sunset Kingdom of the West. It is inspired by Bactria.

Because I’m just enough of a history nerd to know a smidgen about Bactria (mainly from looking at using Europa Barbarorum to design ACKS units)…which one - the Greco-Bactrians, the Indo-Greeks, or the Indo-Sakas?

(no, I’m not looking forward to the Auran primer at all…)

It’s more generally Indo-Iranian: A native population (the Kemivorans) was anciently conquered by an invading northern tribe (the Western Daneans), who established Somirea in the south and Celdorea in the north. Somirea was then assailed from the west by horselands from Ithea (the Skysos) and from the south by the kingdom of Kemesh.

I worry that the Auran Primer cannot possibly live up to these expectations! I have 100,000 words written on Auran Empire… The level of detail I can offer in 5 pages is just going to be enough to give a vague impression of the setting.

What I’m working from is pages of entries like this:

363 BE The Auran League is founded as a polity to govern Aura’s colonies and tributaries throughout Tirenea.

211 BE Cincanus completes the liberation of Nicea and Krysea, and places them under Auran administration. A garrison of legionaries is put in place to protect them against future incursions from the Waste.

225 IY Ulkyreus smashes the Somirean army at the Battle of Trikala. The subsequent Treaty of Trikala requires the Somireans to abandon their plans of eastward expansion and pay war reparations to Aura.

Wet their appetite and leave 'em wanting more. :wink:

Will there be anything about the neighbors of the Empire? I know we’ve got names for a fair number of countries/peoples now, but knowing roughly where to place them could be useful for setting up campaigns that have episodes in other lands.

Yes, I’ll provide some information on the neighbors of the empire, as well as their proximate locations!