"regeneration spell"

Page 104 of the core book states;

“If a character suffers permanent damage, a restore life and limb spell, regeneration spell, ring of regeneration, or similar magic can eliminate any penalties caused.”

But there is no “regeneration spell” in the spell section nor is it given as an example in the ritual magic section. Are we to assume it refers to a ritual magic spell not subsequently discussed in the book, or is it a missing spell (i.e., a typo)?

Regeneration (also sometimes referred to as Regenerate) is in the Player’s Companion page 148.

Thanks. Oops, I hadn’t thought to consult a book published after the core rulebook.

the players companion took a lot of magical effects that existed only as magic items in the core rulebook and made them into actual spells so that you could better understand how to create the magic items yourself.