Request: Landscape GM Reference Tables

Is there any way someone could easily reformat the GM Reference Tables to a Landscape format?
I’d like to print out the ones I need most and laminate them / tape them to my DM screen and I’m having a helluva time with Word trying to convert the document to landscape.
Is there a simple way to do this I’m overlooking? Seems like when I switch Orientation and try to move around the tables they get all sorts of screwed up. Thanks.

My half-assed way of doing this would be to copy and paste the Word tables one by one into Powerpoint, which is friendly to Word about accepting formatting and gives you the best control over what goes where.

Actually, Tavis, that worked great. The tables are far easier to maneuver in PowerPoint!
Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

MichaelPfaff wrote in another thread, which I thought would be useful to reference here:
Duskreign, I just put together a landscape “GM screen” for myself. I’m basically planning to print and laminate these sheets and then tape or glue them to my 4E screen, which I also like.
You can download the file here. Might be useful until an official one releases.
It’s mostly just the action oriented stuff. I don’t have domain management, treasure or anything like that. I tried to pack as much stuff as I could on 4 panels with the stuff I use most.

Yup. I just posted an update to that document.
The GM Reference Table download (August 22 2011) has encumbrance and movement rates listed in lbs.
I’ve updated these to the “stone” encumbrance tables found in v27 of the latest rules set.

It seems the missile weapon range table is also out of date.
In v27 of the rules, missile weapons simply get penalties for longer range. On the GM reference table, there is a bonus for short range…
I’ll need to update that.