Retreat / Withdraw Questions

I ran a test game of Battles last night, as my PCs are getting up into the platoon command level range, and we had two questions which were not readily resolved by the rulebook.

  1. The rules state (broken over page 22 and 23) that a unit which withdraws does not change its facing. However, the diagram 1-17 clearly shows that the withdrawing light cavalry B has changed its facing from south to north. Which is correct? Our intuition is that a facing change makes sense for withdrawals over 1 hex in distance, but the fact that it’s explicitly called out in the text gives us pause.

  2. An already-injured unit was attacked by a unit between it and its own map edge, and rolled Flee on shock. Its two options were a hex occupied by the enemy unit, and a hex threatened by that enemy unit. Is it possible to retreat through a threatened hex? Our intuition was no, and we ruled the unit routed, but it would be nice to know for sure.

In regards to 2:

Question 6 in this post, “Can a unit retreat through a threatened hex”.

(The answer is yes.)

Ah, thanks! Well that’s one down then.

  1. The rules are correct; the image is wrong.

Thanks Alex!