Ring of Spell Storing


Is the ring of spell storing a permanent, unlimited use magical item for purposes of magic item creation? Or is it a charged effect with up to 6 charges? Or is it something in the middle?

It’s not like a ring of invisibility in that you can’t use the effects over and over again. The spells discharge and it needs to be charged by the same spells to be usable again… however you do possess the ability to recharge the item at minimal cost if you know the spells.

What the what… am I overthinking this?

I think by definition ACKS attracts people who like to overthink their RPGs!!

From my notes:
Spell Storing 100,000gp 400 days 4 spell storing, permanent

Its a resolution that doesn’t sit entirely comfortably with me, because it doesn’t explain why the ring of spell storing always has to store the same spells, but I don’t have a better answer for you.

Ah ok thanks.

Seems a little steep considering the limits on how the ring functions and the fact that it must be recharged by the user. I might see how I can reduce the cost.

Oh! I never realized the ring could only hold the same spells. I always just thought it could hold any spells up to X.

I would not do this. Recharging the item is effectively free if you have access to those spells and this item can be incredibly powerful if it has the right spells, basically granting that many additional spells each day if used correctly.

In the hands of the right player, a Ring of Spell Storing is an amazing item. It’s worth the cost!

I agree. My players found one that had Lightning Bolt and Dimension Door (in addition to some other things that they rarely used). Somehow the party bard had it allocated to him and it saved his bacon several times. The price of buying a casting of Dimension Door or Lightning Bolt from a wizard in the market was deemed “very cost-effective”, especially at levels where the party did not have Dimension Door and while the party wizard had only one fireball a day. (The ring also had Control Weather, but they couldn’t find a caster powerful enough to refill it, so they never used that feature)

Thanks for the advice guys - makes sense to me! Consider me chastened. :wink:

This is how I always ran it as well, but I actually like it better this way.