Rise of the Holy Roman Empire campaign

So, I am considering a game set in a fantastic version of Europe during the reign of Pepin the Short. The idea is that the game would have the PCs have a chance to rise to power in the momentous period of history that is the rise of the Holy Roman Empire, maybe even getting a shot at that throne for themselves. This version of history includes the existence of magic and monsters.

I am considering starting the campaign in the city of Cologne, near the borders of Saxony. Saxony would be something of a frontier the player characters could carve a domain out of, albeit with some difficulty due to the restive populace. I am also considering placing a megadungeon for the players to explore, a remnant of the Roman Empire. The primary religions are a post-Imperial Roman Cult and the local Germanic faith.

So, what do you think?

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ArsMagica has a setting book on the Rhine Tribunal and its take on the Holy Roman Empire.
Have you noticed Baptism of Fire? The setting is in 11c Poland