Ritual MagicCost and Time

Just to make sure I am parsing the sentence correctly, when a ritual or spell creation or whatever says it takes 1000gp, and takes two weeks, per level of the spell... does this mean that a 6th level spell would take

6000 gp and 12 weeks or
​6000 gp and 2 weeks or something else?



Ive taken that as being 6000gp and 12 weeks, for a 6th level spell while for a first level one it would be 1000gp and two weeks.

Mostly because it lists both the cost and time before the per level of the spell.  Rather than being "1000gp per level of spell and two weeks"

Mathematically being (1000gp + two weeks) * level of spell, as opposed to (1000gp * level of spell) + two weeks.

though im not an Autach :)

Loswaith is correct!