Rogues Gallery

Is there a gallery of ACKS specific NPCs available anywhere?  If not, maybe we could make one as a group effort.

we should make one, it will be a really usefull resourse. 

Zarariel: Elven ranger 6; Str +1 Dex +1 int +1 cha -2, Mv 90', AC 5 (Chain Mail), HD 1, hp4, #AT 1 (At Throw 3+ composite bow+1, 5+ Long sword+1), 1d6+4 (composite bow+1), 1d8+5 (Long sword+1), Save: P12+, D11+, B13+, W13+, S14+, Proficiencies: Ambushing, Sniping, survival, ride, naturalism x2 Equipment: 650 gp in gems and saffron, 5 arrows+1, 5 dosis of curare, 10 dosis of wolfbane, medium warhorse Physical:Dark and unkeep hair, rugged clothes, green eyes, soft voice Personality: Superiority complex, prefers animals to people, random acts of kindness, dislikes autority figures, shy, cant remember a name. Notes: Has a 5hd direwolf and 4 direwolfs 

I'll start adding some.  Everyone please feel free to post your own. 


Name: Class Level; Bonuses, Mv xx, AC x (Armor), HD x, hp x, #AT x (At Throw x+), D x (Weapon), Save: Px+, Dx+, Bx+, Wx+, Sx+, Proficiencies: x, Equipment: x gp, x, Spells: x 1st, Repertoire: xxx, Physical: xxxx Personality: xxxx


Giana: Assassin 1; Str +1, Dex +1, Cha +1, Mv 90', AC 5 (Leather Armor + Displacer Cloak), HD 1, hp 4, #AT 1 (At Throw 7+), D 1d6+2 (Sword and Dagger), Save: P13+, D12+, B14+, W14+, S15+, Proficiencies: Intimidation, Weapon Style (Two Weapons), Equipment: 50 gp, Displacer Cloak,  Physical: Giana is lanky with light honey colored skin.  Her eyes are hazel brown and her light copper blonde hair is straight and worn at ear length. She has numerous tattoos. Personality: She is driven to earn a reputation as a deadly assassin.  She speaks eloquently.  She is afraid of magic and has a constant sense of abandonment.  This possibly stems from the fact taht she was left by her birth mother on the doorstep of a local family who took her in and raised her as their own. She gives a somewhat derisive nickname to everyone she meets and uses it in lieu of their real name.

Chingay: Bard 1; Str -1, Dex +1, Cha +2, Mv 90', AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 1, hp 5, #AT x (At Throw 11+), D 1d6-1 (Quarterstaff), Save: P13+, D13+, B16+, W14+, S15+, Proficiencies: Prestidigitation, Alchemy, Performance(oration), Equipment: 200 gp trinket, Physical: Wears mage's cassock over leather armor.  Chingay has light golden skin with a hook nose and lavender eyes.  He has wavy mahogany hair down to his collar. Personality: Chingay's main motivation is avoiding responsibility.  He broke a great vow and has been on the run ever since.  He has a calm personality, but suffers from constant nightmares.  He was stolen as a child and ransomed back to his family.  He is a talented rower.

Messiena: Bladedancer 1; Int -1, Wis +1, Dex +1, Con +1, Chr +1, Mv 60', AC 4 (Leather Armor), HD 1, hp 7, #AT 1 (At Throw 8+), D 1d6+1 (Sword +1), Save: P13+, D10+, B16+, W12+, S14+, Proficiencies: Contemplation, Diplomacy, Equipment: 100 gp, 25 gp turquoise, Sword +1, Physical: Messiena is heavyset, with tan skin and light violet eyes.  She is weak-featured and has medium chestnut brown hair that is curly and comes down over her ears. Personality: Messiena tends to dress in men's clothes.  She is motivated by the search for some specific knowledge.  She is fidgety and an insomniac.  She is extremely prideful, but has occasional pangs of guilt over an unfulfilled promise.  Her father was a bard who sold her into slavery as a child.  She escaped and grew up relying on her own wits to save her.  She had multiple spouses before being accepted into the sisterhood of bladedancers.  She has a particular talent for geneology.

Lena: Cleric 1; Str +1, Int -1, Wis +2, Cha +1, Mv 60', AC 6 (Banded Plate + Shield), HD 1, hp 4, #AT 1 (At Throw 9+), D 1d6+1 (Mace), Save: P11+, D8+, B14+, W9+, S11+, Proficiencies: Divine Blessing, Theology, Equip: 25 gp, 25gp lapis lazuli, Physical: Lena has stooped shoulders and milky white skin.  People describe her as baby faced with matted blond hair down to her collar. Personality: Lena is searching for specific knowledge of a topic only she knows.  She was given this quest by a mentor from her childhood.  She has an arrogant bearing, and is described as a know-it-all.  She suffers from constant guilt from her inability to find the knowledge she seeks and her father's infamous criminal career.

Oyrm: Dwarven Craftpriest 1; Str -1, Wis +3, Dex +2 Mv 60', AC 5 (Chain Mail and Shield), HD 1, hp 6, #AT 1 (At Throw 11+ Mace), D 1d6-1 (Mace), Save: P9+, D6+, B13+, W6+, S8+, Proficiencies: Dwarven Brewing, Alchemy, Craft (brewing) 2, Equipment: 30 gp Onyx, Physical: Oyrm has a taut body type, with russet skin and light green eyes, He wears his wavy medium ash brown hair over his ears. Personality: Oyrm is driven by a need to get revenge for a fallen friend.  He is often confused.  He is superstitious and extremely cynical.  He suffers from an occasional sense of worthlessness.  He learned brewing from his father, who was widely renowned for his skill.

Gailin:  Dwarven Vaultguard 1; Str +1, Int -1, Wis -1; Mv 60'; AC 4 (Ring Mail, Shield), HD 1, hp 4, #AT 1 (At Throw: 9+), D 1d6+2 (Battle Axe), Save: P11+, D10+, B13+, W13+, S14+, Proficiencies: Adventuring, Gambling, Berserkergang, Equip: Potion of Treasure Finding, 100 gp in gems Physical: Gailin is built solidly, even by dwarven standards.  His skin has a dark tan color.  He is best described as hatchet-faced, with amethyst colored eyes.  He has a full beard and long, wild chestnut brown hair. Personality: Gailin is a thrill seeker.  He is suspicious of anyone and everyone, perhaps explaining his constant lying.  He has little sympathy for others, and a constant sense of detachment from those around him.

Leenane: Elven Nightblade 1; Int +1, Dex +1, Con -1, Mv 90, AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 1, hp 4, #AT 1 (At Throw 9+), D 1d6/1d6 (Composite Bow/Short Swords), Save: P12+, D13+, B16+, W14+, S14+, Proficiencies: Skulking, Alchemy, Disguise, Equipment: 50 gp Moonstone, Physical: Leenane has a statuesque figure with light cocoa skin and a beautiful face.  Her eyes are light violet and she has wavy blond hair down to her chin. Personality: She is a psychopath.  She is inspired by a set of philosophical writings.  Her personality is confused, and she often stutters when speaking.  She has a sister who lives in her shadow.  She has suffered quite a bit in her personal life and bears the resulting scars.  She dresses like a man, and, oddly enough, has quite the talent for flower arranging.

Aneurin: Elven Spellsword 1; Str +1, Int +1, Wis +1, Con +1, Mv 90', AC 4 (Chain Mail), HD 1, hp 4, #AT 1 (At Throw 8+ Sword, 10+ Bow), D 1d6+1 (Sword & Dagger), 1d6 (Composite Bow), Save: P14+, D14+, B16+, W15+, S16+, Proficiencies: Battle Magic, Military Strategy, Manual of Arms, Equipment: 25 gp, 200 gp trinket, Spells: 1 1st, Repertoire: Magic Missile, Sharpness, Physical: Aneurin is round faced with bright aqua eyes.  He has creamy white alabaster skin. His golden brown hair is worn long and wild. Personality: Aneurin comes from a noble family of elves.  His parents were murdered by an anti-elf religious cult.  He has no memory of his childhood.  He is loquacious and sometimes even talks to inanimate objects.  He has a special talent for riddles.  He is a glory seeker, but strangely is afraid of the dark.  He shows occasional signs of guilt from a bad act in his past he will not reveal.

Heming: Explorer 1; Str +1, Wis -1, Dex +1, Mv 90, AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 1, hp 6, #AT 1 (At Throw 9+), D 1d6+2/1d8+2/1d6 (Hand Axe/Spear/Short Bow), Save: P15+, D14+, B16+, W17+, S18+, Proficiencies: Land Surveying, Mapping, Equipment: 100 gp, Physical: Heming has a compact frame.  His skin is ruddy, and his face has weak features.  His eyes are pearl gray colored.  HIs light golden brown hair is straight and worn down to his collar. Personality: He is primarily motivated by greed.  His inspiration is a mentor he had in childhood.  He is burdened with constant anxiety and an extreme prejudice against a group.  He has a bad reputation but feels compelled to tell the truth always.  He is ambidextrous and has a talent for calligraphy, which helps with his mapmaking.

Acheron: Fighter 1; Str +2, Mv 60', AC 4/5 (Chain Mail, Chain Mail and Shield), HD 1, hp 4, #AT 1 (At Throw 8+ Glaive, Mace), D 1d10+3 (Glaive), 1d6+3 (Mace), Save: P15+, D14+, B16+, W16+, S17+, Proficiencies: Alertness, Signalling, Equipment: 100 gp, Physical: Acheron has dark brown, russet colored skin.  His shoulders are stooped.  He has a cleft chin, light blue eyes and cropped, wavy auburn hair. Personality: Acheron's sole motivation is greed. Not making friends easily, he is often described as blasé and lacking empathy.  He drifts from town to town.  He feels somewhat alienated from those around him.  He is illiterate.  Before making a decision, he always prays to the gods for guidance.  He has an identical twin who is also a fighter.

Farinam: Mage 1; Int +3, Cha +1, Mv 120', AC 0, HD 1, hp 3, #AT 1 (At Throw 10+), D 1d6 (Staff), Save: P13+, D13+, B15+, W11+, S12+, Proficiencies: Loremastery, Collegiate Wizardry, Knowledge (Astrology, History, Natural Philosophy), Equipment: 50 gp, 25 gp Lapis Lazuli, Spells: 1 1st, Repertoire: Sleep, Read Languages, Prot. From Evil, Unseen Servant, Physical: Farinam's skin is the color of light cocoa. His features are narrow.  He has periwinkle colored eyes.  His soft black hair is cropped and straight. Personality: Farinam grew up as the son of innkeepers.  Ostensibly a scholar, he is motivated by greed rather than knowledge.  He lives an austere lifestyle and is extremely distrustful of those around him.  This distrust leads him to act detached from society.  He tends to speak in rhyme, and is afraid of water.

Martyn: Thief 1; Dex +1, Con +1, Mv 90', AC 4 (Leather Armor + Dex + Swashbuckling), HD 1, hp 3, #AT 1 (At Throw 9+), D 1d6 (Short Sword + Dagger), Save: P13+, D13+, B16+, W14+, S15+, Proficiencies: Seafaring, Swashbuckling, Physical: Martyn has a husky build and light skin.  He is good looking with sapphire blue eyes and curly, strawberry blonde hair down to his collar. Personality: Martyn is driven by the need for vengeance against those who stripped the title from his noble family.  He is often glum and melancholy, and has trouble sleeping at night. He also has poor hygenie. He is burdened with mild heartbreak for the fate of his family.



Level 2!


Argyrippus: Assassin 2; Str +1, Dex +1, Con +1, Mv 90, AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 2, hp 8, #AT 1 (At Throw 7+), D 1d6+2 (Hand Axe and Dagger), Save: P14+, D13+, B15+, W15+, S16+, Proficiencies: Combat Reflexes, Gambling, Equipment: 150 gp, Potion of Sweet Water Physical: Argyrippus is an imposing physical specimen.  He is bullnecked and hatchet-faced with rosy skin.  His eys are hazel brown.  His hair is black and is cropped and wild. Personality: He is motivated by seeking vengeance for an insult to his people told about in legend.  His personality is confused and he is very superstitious.  He is extremely ungrateful.  He suffers from an occasional sense of paranoia.  His birth parents, herders, abandoned him, and he was raised by wicked step-parents.  He calls everyone by a nickname.  He has a talent for parlor tricks.

Toussaintine: Bard 2; Wis -1, Cha +3, Mv 90', AC 2 (Leather Armor), HD 2, hp 9, #AT 1 (At Throw 9/10+), D 1d6/1d6 (Short sword and dagger/Crossbow), Save: P13+, D13+, B16+, W15+, S16+, Proficiencies: Magical Music, Diplomacy, Performance (Shawm), Equipment: 200 gp, Potion of Climbing, Physical: She is well-built, with medium tan skin and sapphire blue eyes.  Her hair is wavy and is a mix of blonde and copper colored. Personality: Her personality is relaxed, but she is a bit of an insomniac.  Her parents were bards as well.  She has somewhat of a bad reputation.  She tends to talk to inanimate objects.  She is motivated by a sense of duty to a particular group.

Gallerine: Bladedancer 2; Dex +1, Mv 90', AC 4 (Leather Armor), HD 2, hp 7, #AT 1 (At Throw 10+), D 1d6 (Short Sword), Save: P13+, D10+, B16+, W13+, S15+, Proficiencies: Prophecy, Theology, Equipment: 100 gp, 50 gp citrine, Spells: 1 1st, Physical: Wiry body type.  Medium bronze skin. Sculpted face.  Dark green eyes. Wild, dark ash brown hair worn down to chin.  Personality: Seeking redemption for some prior bad act that she feels guilty for.  Has a considerate personality. Stutters and refers to herself by name.  Has a fraternal twin brother.  She lives in his shadow.  She is good with dogs.

Megaronides: Cleric 2; Wis +3, Dex +1, Mv 90', AC 4 (Scale Armor), HD 2, hp 11, #AT 1 (At Throw 10+), D 1d6 (Staff), Save: P13+, D10+, B16+, W13+, S15+, Proficiencies: Beast Friendship, Animal Husbandry, Equipment: 100 gp, Scroll of Ward against Undead, Spells: 1 1st, Physical: Taut body type. Russet skin. Handsome face.  Blackened teeth. Blue eyes and wild black hair that comes down over his ears. Personality: Blinks a lot.  Secretly likes starting fires.  Spiteful.  A packrat.  Extremely prejudiced against elves.  Parents were well-known swindlers.  He is severely in debt.

Motara: Dwarven Craftpriest 2; Str +1, Wis +2, Con +1, Mv 60, AC 3 (Ring Mail), HD 2, hp 9, #AT 1 (At Throw 9+), D 1d10+1 (Morning Star), Save: P9+, D6+, B13+, W7+, S9+, Proficiencies: Battle Magic, Signaling, Craft (Weaponsmithing) Equipment: 100 gp, Spells: 1 1st, Physical: Deep blue eyes, Light golden brown hair, Long nose Personality: Well spoken, talks rapidly, fatalistic.  Serious personality.  Is the sibling of one of the PC's victims.  Substance addiction.

Garic: Dwarven Vaultguard 2; Str +1, Dex +1, Con +1, Mv 60, AC 6 (Banded Plate/Shield -1), HD 2, hp 10, #AT 1 (At Throw 8+), D 1d6+2/1d6 (Battle Axe/Crossbow), Save: P10+, D9+, B12+, W11+, S12+, Proficiencies: Goblin Slaying, Caving, Equipment: 50 gp, Trinkets worth 500 gp total, Shield -1, Physical: Medium blue eyes, Curly light ash brown hair over his ears, Bulbous nose, Pear shaped body Personality: Chummy. Whispers when he talks. Inspired by his philosophical beliefs. Obsessive-compulsive.  Thin blooded and complains of being cold.

Aonghus: Elven Nightblade 2; Str +1, Int +2, Dex +1, Chr +1, Mv 90, AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 2, hp 5, #AT 1 (At Throw 7+/9+), D 1d6+1/1d6 (Dueling sword+Short sword/Composite Bow), Save: P12+, D13+, B16+, W14+, S14+, Proficiencies: Mapping 3, Fighting Style (two weapons), Equipment: 20 gp, Spells: 1 1st, Repertoire: Shield, Magic Mouth, Read Languages, Physical: Full body. No earlobes. Golden skin.  Dark brown eyes. Strawberry blond hair down to chin. Personality: Seems very nervous. Always chews something.  Prim and proper personality.  Mild bad temper. Sense of destiny. Talent for folklore.

Eoghan: Elven Spellsword 2; Str +1, Int +2, Dex +1, Chr +1, Mv 60, AC 7 (Banded Plate + Shield), HD 2, hp 6, #AT 1 (At Throw 8+), D 1d6+1 (Spear or Sword), Save: P13+, D13+, B15+, W15+, S15+, Proficiencies: Command, Leadership, Military Strategy, Equipment: 50 gp, Spells: 2 1st, Repertoire: Detect Magic, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Shield, Physical: Odd features, Medium Aqua eyes, Medium Brown Hair, Personality: Avoids responsibility, Is a gambling addict who is stealing to cover his debts, Nervous personality, Speaks in third person, Mother was assassinated at jealous noble's behest.

Ingunn: Explorer 2; Str +1, Wis -1, Dex +1, Con +1, Mv 90, AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 2, hp 11, #AT 1 (At Throw 7+), D 1d6+1/1d6 (Spear and Hand Axe/Short Bow), Save: P14+, D13+, B15+, W15+, S17+, Proficiencies: Land Surveying, Mapping, Equipment: 25 gp tiger eye, Physical: Long nose, Stooped posture, Dark golden skin, Light blue eyes, Blonde/Ash hair worn wild Personality: Gloomy, Motivated by visions from childhood, Occasional sense of longing, Orphaned by natural parents and raised by wicked step-parents.

Azima: Fighter 2; Str +2, Dex +1, Con +2, Mv 60, AC 5 (Chain mail), HD 2, hp 13, #AT 1 (At Throw 7+), D 1d10+3 (Great Axe), Save: P14+, D13+, B15+, W15+, S16+, Proficiencies: Berserkergang, Endurance, Equipment: 50 gp lapis lazuli, Physical: Metal tooth, Thickset body, Rosy skin, Hazel Green eyes, Dark Brown hair worn straight down to collar Personality: Cracks knuckles when stressed, Inspired by a prophecy, Loquacious, No sense of direction, Daydreamer

Mattaki: Mage 2; Int +1, Dex +1, Con +1, Mv 90, AC 1 (No Armor), HD 2, hp 8, #AT 1 (At Throw 9+), D 1d4+1 (Dagger +1), Save: P13+, D13+, B15+, W11+, S12+, Proficiencies: Black Lore of Zahar, Alchemy, Healing, Equipment: 300 gp, Spells: 2 1st, Repertoire: Choking Grip, Darkness, Sleep, Physical: Very hairy neck, Giant-like build, Light skin, Narrow hazel green eyes, Dark wine colored wavy hair Personality: Unscrupulous, Desperate to earn a reputation, Speaks with eyes mostly closed, Afraid of water, Jovial, Hides a dark secret

Hamdi: Thief 2; Int +1, Dex +1, Con +1, Chr +1, Mv 90, AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 2, hp 7, #AT 1 (At Throw 8+ Sword/9+ Crossbow), D 1d6+2/1d6 (Short Sword +2/Crossbow), Save: P13+, D13+, B16+, W14+, S15+, Proficiencies: Skirmishing, Riding, Survival, Equipment: 25 gp Agate, 25 gp Tiger Eye, Physical: Broken nose, Alabaster skin, Bulging pearl gray eyes, Light ash brown hair to chin. Personality: Psychopathic, Violent, Spreads inaccurate gossip about other people, Parents were well-known swindlers, Talent for origami

I've got a 3rd-lvl Fighter named "Mongrel". I posted his stats to my gameblog at <>. I'm too lazy to transcribe into the specified format so let's see if I can copy/paste directly:

Captured as a youth by slavers, the man now known as “Mongrel” served as eunuch bodyguard to an Ixian mage. He was eventually sold to cover the wizard’s gambling debts in Khromarium. Mongrel has cheated death on numerous occasions, though the injuries have left his face disfigured. He wears greathelm or mask to conceal his wounds, but is still shunned by polite company and small children.

Character: Mongrel, 3rd-lvl Common/Mixed Fighter [Mercenary Ex-Slave]
Stats: STR:16 (+2), INT:9 (+0), WIS:10 (+0), DEX:11 (+0), CON:16 (+2), CHR:8 (-1)
Saves: Petrification/Paralysis:14, Poison/Death:13, Blast/Breath:15, Staffs/Wands:15, Spells:16
Combat: AC:5 (6 with shield), HD:3d8+6 (21hp), Init:+1, Base Atk 9+, MV:60′ (20′)
Attacks: Sword (6+,1d6+5); Sword (2H) (6+,1d8+5); Spear (7+,1d6+4); Crossbow (9+,1d6+2); Dagger (7+,1d4+4)
Class Features: Damage Bonus (+2), Cleave (3/round)
Proficiencies: Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Labour
Equipment: Red long sword +1 (Chaotic sentient, INT:7, EGO:3, Will:11, detect undead), crossbow, dagger, banded mail armour, hellhound greathelm (2d6 fire 1/day, save for ½; -1 Surprise, -4 Hear Noise, +2 on Mortal Wounds), sturdy steel shield, 20 bolts, leather mask, wool tunic and pants, leather belt, low boots, backpack (carved jade bowl [500gp], garnet stone [250gp], flask of strong ale, 1 week’s iron rations), belt pouch (32gp)
Encumbrance: 9 stones; MV 60′ (20′) (max capacity 22 stones)
Wounds: Gruesome scarring (cannot impersonate, +2 intimidate, -2 rx’n), castrated (-3 rx’n if known)
Actions: Open Doors (10+), Detect Secret Doors (18+), Hear Noise (22+), Find Traps (18+)
Languages: Common, Thracian (Semi-Literate)
Experience: 4,700 XP (10% bonus)
Next level: 8,000 XP req’d for 4th

Thanks!  I'll put him in the list for level 3.

Level 3


Atemu: Assassin 3; Str +2, Dex +1, Con +1, Mv 90, AC 3 (Leather Armor), HD 3, hp 15, #AT 1 (At Throw 4+), D 1d6+5 (+1 Short Sword, Flametongue and Short Sword), Save: P14+, D13+, B15+, W15+, S16+, Proficiencies: Arcane Dabbling, Theology, Fighting Style (2 weapons) Equipment: 50 gp, 25 gp moonstone, Physical: Slicked back black hair, Slight body, Medium beige skin, Steel blue eyes Personality: Nonconformist, Polite, Constant guilt from an unfulfilled promise, Parents killed by a religious sect