Role _______ of ________

On the PDF character sheet, what’s this for?
Is it for when you earn a title for a realm? Like, Duke of Canterbury?

Duskreign’s Minion here.
It is a word puzzle
RoleING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY ASS ofF (tough to fit in the space)

The Real Duskreign here… :slight_smile:
I believe I was told that was for Gen Con. I’m guessing it should actually be removed from the sheet.

Speaking of updates to the character sheet:
There’s a spot for HP, but no way to track damage. A slot for “current HP” or “damage” would be nice.

And did it ever get updated with an initiative bonus spot?

I don’t believe so. We added initiative bonus to class abilities during our session.

The Role is to show who is a retainer of whom. It’s useful when you are describing the relationships between PCs - perhaps because you are doing troupe-style play where you have the character sheets for both Urk, Retainer of Hork and Hork, Liege of Urk in front of you.
Do y’all find this a useful thing to list in general? Is there a better way to describe it than “Role”?

I’ll ask my players. We haven’t advanced that far yet.

To be honest, I just let my players store the retainers character sheet. I realize this is’t how every group will handle it, but it works for me, and therefore I do not use that field.
I think whatever the end result is, there should be some explanation for the character sheet sections in the rules or on the web page. New players to the game just aren’t going to grasp what goes where (although some fields are obvious). And some people who have been playing the system awhile (me!) still don’t know what each line is for as its not explained anywhere.