[Roll20][7pm GMT Thursdays] The Shifting Sands Campaign


Looking for players for my campaign.

This is the land of the Twin Rivers. Once a fertile plain with the greatest minds that the world has ever seen, now it is little but a desolate wasteland deprived of all but the barest of water.

To the west is more desert, with the distant fertile Darupan lands even farther west still. To the east is bountiful trade and the silk and spice of Alahind.

Here, however, there is nothing except beasts lurking in abandoned cities and danger over every dune. Bandits pray upon the trade caravans that pass through here and monstrous cults do even worse.

Welcome to the land of the Twin Rivers. Welcome to your land of fortune.

What is your normal session length? Would we start at level 1? How would you describe your GMing style and priorities?

4-5 hours. Yep, starting at level 1 since I’ll be taking on players new to ACKS. Sandbox, freeform and make it up on the fly a good chunk of the time. Fun is the main thing with roleplaying and then challenge after that.