Ruinguard Saving Throws

I’m creating a Ruinguard, and enjoying every minute of it. I was doubling checking his saves against the fighter’s saves to make sure his +2 was included, and I noticed it was, except for his saves against Poison & Death. Is this intentional, or errata? Sorry if I missed an earlier iteration of this discussion.

Not an autarch. I saw this too when one of my players wanted to play one. Look at lvl 10 to 11 where it suddenly jumps up by 3. I think that is very good evidence of a copy error that doesn’t take the -2 into account prior to level 11.

Not an autarch but I designed the class with Alex. The numbers for that save are wrong. :slight_smile: It’s in one of the errata threads on here somewhere. They save as fighters and add the bonus after so just take the fighter’s saving throws and subtract 2 from the difficulty down the line.

Glad you like the class!

It should be added that the fault is entirely mine. Complex spreadsheets, I’m on it. Subtracting 2 from double digit num—oh, I have this great idea for how we could…

Tell you what Alex… how about I forgive you for copying the saving throws down incorrectly from the spreadsheet and in return you don’t ask me to explain the foundational math behind Domains at War. :wink:

I once had a professor who had done chip design for Intel for 20 years, but would inevitably skip four when counting verbally to numbers greater than or equal to five. It became a running joke, which he found amusing, so he started working it into the exams…


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Ugh… not since college… :wink: