Running an All-Demihuman Campaign?

I've thought up the idea of running an all-demihuman campaign and I was wondering what the best advice on doing it would be?

Should I just consider 0 racial build points as base and allow those who take them to advance up to 14th level?

You could probably get away without having every demihuman have a base 0 as long as there were some classes like the dwarven vaultgaurd or the elven enchanter.  As for letting them go up to 14... I don't think you have to in order to make the game work, but I also don't see it being a big deal for Racial Value 0.  Increasing everyone's maximum level by 1 may create some weird instances where mage/fighter hybrids that don't normally make it to important levels like 11 suddenly can.

I mean, there's Heroic Spirit as a custom class power. I'm building new classes for the demihuman races and I figure the majority of them are just gonig to get that instead.