Running Proficiency

“Running: The character’s base movement speed is increased by 30’ when wearing chainmail or lighter armor.”

What does “base movement” refer to? Exploration movement? Normal running movement?

Does this proficiency impact speed in all situations? Or, only when actually running? What about charging?


I just assumed, it being called Running, that it only applied to your running speed. But I’ve made a few assumptions about ACKS that are totally wrong, I am interested to hear the answer too.

The other movement speeds are all computed from that one, so I assumed it meant it applied to all of them…

Base movement speed is 120' per turn when exploring, or 120' per round running. Running proficiency increases your speed to 150' per turn when exploring or 150' per round running. Combat move is 1/3 running speed, so it would be 50' per round.

That is a strong proficiency, especially for those who like to flit around the edges of combats.

Yep, it's a good choice for the skirmishing/missile type, especially in combination with Skirmishing so they can escape when closed.

Thanks, Alex. That’s what we wound up going with anyways!