Scaling Core Traps

I know how to do pits, but what is a good way to scale (even roughly) the core traps, by dungeon level (or not), all the while making some sense (i.e., not be totally gamist *a hard task I'm finding*), as well as try to keep it semi-symmetrical.  

Also note I'm attempting to make a random table for traps, and I'm trying to mix it up, and adding more than just the core, but I'm also trying to make it not too "fun house" either.

Here are my ideas so far (there is really no method), and tell me if you think I'm on the right track, or not. (DL= Dungeon level, I used 1-6 as a basis).

- **Basic Arrow Trap:** An arrow fires from a hidden location, attacking as a Fighter level 1, for 1d6+1 damage. 
 - Scaling:

Attacks as Fighter level x,  x = DL

# of arrows/arrow trap = 1/two DL.  (More # and more accurate arrows)

 - **Bricks from Ceiling:** Each character in a 10 foot radius must  save versus Petrify or suffer 2d6 damage.  
 -  Scaling:

+1d6 damage/DL > 1st DL.  (More rocks/weight fall(s) on you!)       

 - **Poison Dart Trap:** A dart fires from a hidden location, dealing  1d4+1 hp damage, and the character must save versus Poison or die.
 - Scaling:

Save versus Poison bonus is as follows: DL1 = +2; DL2 = +1; DL3 = +0; DL4 = +0; DL5 = -1; DL6 = -2. (I couldn't think of anything else, besides maybe using different poisons depending on DL).

 - **Poison Needle Trap:** The character must save versus Poison or die.  
 -  Scaling:

As above.

 - **Portcullis Trap:** The character must save versus Blast or suffer 3d6 damage from the falling portcullis. The way will 
then be blocked, and group members may be separated.  
 -  Scaling:

Again, all I can think of is a saving throw bonus and penalty.

 - **Rolling Rock Trap:** A rock rolls out from a hidden location, and the characters must save versus Petrify or suffer 2d6 

 - Scaling:

Another saving throw modifier?  

 - **Scything Blade Trap:** Characters must save versus Petrify or suffer 1d8 damage.  


 - **Spiked Pit Trap:** This is similar to other pit traps, but the character will fall on x # of spikes, dealing 1d6 damage each in 
addition to falling damage.  


Keep it as is, cuz the pit will just be deeper depending on the DL? 

Another question I have is, I'll being using a traps table of my devise, for a heroic fantasy campaign, and for all the spell traps, all my sources use the normal spells, and I wonder if I should find their Heroic Fantasy Handbook equivalents, or just roll with it? Note I don't plan on porting any core spells over to heroic fantasy, at least none have come to mind (I'm sure some probably will though).

There are a couple fast and loose guidelines you can use for scaling, some of which you've already touched on:

  • damage. 1d6 per floor. this doesn't just have to be for pit traps. if you're on the 5th floor of a dungeon, whatever trap it is should probably average 5d6 damage if it's about as easy to trigger as a pit trap, then scaled up or down depending on how easy it is to get triggered.
  • hit dice/fighter levels.  this is the arrow trap method. if something is shooting or otherwise attacking PCs "as a fighter" then any level/HD of fighter that would be appropriate for that floor of the dungeon would be appropriate for the stats of a trap
  • spell effects: 6 floors possible in a dungeon, 6 levels of spells. easy peasy. 

The other thing that you could do, using L&E, is redesign each base trap as a monster, then uplift it based on that. It's not exact, as traps aren't mobile or have HP, but the "effective HD" of the trap kinda gives a inkling of the dungeon level they'd be on.

Thanks. All that sounds good.

 As far as the spell traps, yes, spell traps are easier; I more so just want to know if I should replace the normal spells for traps, with heroic fantasy eldritch magic equivalents instead, since I'm running a heroic fantasy campaign. (I found random trap generators that I may use, where you can roll on spell traps, but it uses the normal arcane OSR spells).

It stands to reason that the eldritch spells would replace the arcane; just as a cleric lair would have divine spell traps.

Very true.