Selling Gems and Jewelry

Player’s find gems, jewelry or other goods worth X while on an adventure, and a magic item they don’t want.

When they get to town, if they want to get gp for the magic item, they use the table on page 227. What about the gems and jewelry? Do they also use that chart (and spend time trying to find a buyer, etc)? I kind of assume it’s intended that way because why would you find someone with 10K to drop on a gem you found instantly upon returning to a village? Also, the chart on page 227 includes items of less than 500gp value which I’m pretty sure is the lowest value a magic item could have.

In general you can let your players automatically find a buyer for gems/jewelry because they’re being bought for their currency value. The merchant’s guild would just as well hold diamonds as gold pieces. If they’re in a small hamlet or village, then perhaps not.

That said, there’s little incentive to sell them: You get XP for them without selling them, and they’re more portable than gold.

Ah ok that makes sense.
As for a reason to sell them though…last night the party nearly ran into that thanks to needing to pay their 9(!!!) retainers their shares.