Selling Thulian Artifacts

In Level 2a, there are a number of treasures whose values depends on where they are sold. For example: “This hidden room contains a large collection of spare parts for the orrery in Room 19 – planets, stars, etc. These can all be taken from the room and sold either for the metals from which they’re made or for their value as historical objects. Their value ranges from 5 to 500 gp each, depending on size and where they are sold, with bigger settlements being able to afford higher prices.”

This seems like it might be a good fit for ACKS’ system of market classes, and maybe could be handled as a kind of trade good with its own demand modifiers, base prices, etc. within the mercantile system.

For James: how did this kind of thing play out in your original campaign, so that we can make sure the ACKS conversion is faithful to the way you adjucated it?

For the ACKS savvy: how would you systematize selling such treasures?

The PCs had an NPC in their party who acted as their fence wherever they went and, when they sold stuff, I made a simple dice roll to determine how much they could get for it. There wasn’t much of a system to it really, just some dice and a lot of making it up on the fly. :slight_smile:

What was the name of that NPC? Were any of the people who the fence interacted with ever fleshed out?

I think a good approach would be to offer players the choice between selling it to a fence in Muntsburg - perhaps that same NPC has settled down? - and accepting the price offered, or going in search of a better price through mercantile trading.

No, the fence was just an abstraction and all interactions with him were handled through a thief henchman, who was herself an NPC.