I’m thinking we need a stated out Sharktipede now. This is the Centipede, Giant entry combined with the Shark, Great White.
No. Enc.: 1d4
% In Lair: Nil
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 60’ (20’)
Swim : 180’ (60’)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 1(bite)
Damage: 2d10 (Poison)
Save: F4
Morale: 1
Treasure Type: None
XP: 1,060

To create your very own Sharktipede. The caster would need to be 11th level with 13 INT (Sharktipede has two special abilities in having both movements and a combined damage/poison bite). The cost is 26,000gp (2,000 X 8 Hit Dice + 5,000 X 2 special abilities). It takes 33 days to complete the task and the magic research throw is +5.

Just one question - Do they shoot laser beams from their heads? :wink:

That is awesome! Great stuff, Slycne.

My brother, upon seeing the illo, came up with an even better name for it: the skittering maw. Much more flavorful and D&D-esque than the “sharktipede” nickname I used in my emails with Ryan. Fits right in with shambling mound, floating eye and gibbering mouther.

I absolutely love the name!

This is very awesome! I was sitting around tonight thinking about what special powers I would give this creature, and I have to admit that laser eyes did indeed come to mind. Don’t judge me.
I also love the name skittering maw!

I will write the skittering maw into the dungeon encounter table!
Is it in the category of Humanoid, Beastman, Animal, Insect, Undead, Dragon, or Monster?

That’s awesome Tavis!

For flavour -
does the Skittering Maw need to regularly seek out water? would it then be a swamp / slimy dungeon creature?
Is it omnivorous?
Can it smell blood and sap/ chlorofil or just blood?

This is definitely a terror of coasts, and maybe open water. The surface-crawling aspect actually makes it a threat to ships (unlike normal sharks, unless you’re in a small boat).

Tavis, does your adding it to the random encounter tables mean the skittering maw will actually be a statted-up monster in the ACKS book?

Tavis: Is it in the category of Humanoid, Beastman, Animal, Insect, Undead, Dragon, or Monster?
I would say monster, since its an amalgam of an animal and an insect.

Do hybrids created by mages automatically become Monsters? It would seem to be a good default category.