Silvered Weapons

As last time, apologies if this has already been answered or is a common sense thing.

So, my group encountered their first wight randomly in a dungeon. It was… bad. Dumb luck on the encounter roll had it between them and their only known route to the exit, with a locked door and a dead end the only other ways to go. What followed may best be termed a slaughter. A full half of them were dead before everything was said and done, and it was only that restrained because I ruled fire would hurt it.

Understandably in the wake of that, the group is very interested in silvered weapons. That is when we ran into a speedbump, however. Only two silvered items are included in the equipment list: daggers and arrows. Now, it seemed to me this was just to make it clear that silvering something costs 10x the usual price.

There’s some debate on the subject, however, and we’re all so new to this playstyle that we’re trying hard to stick with RAW. So, to state it clearly:

Are silvered weapons other than daggers and arrows possible, and if so how much do they cost?

Yes; 10x the price.