Simple d30 Relationship Chart

I’ve made a quick relationship chart which maps the motivation of why the two characters are connected. I suggest to use the character when you need to connect the party in a fashion other than the “we meet in the tavern” cliché.

The primary motivation for creating the chart was a desire to connect non-established heirs. When introducing a new character when your old one has be killed or retired, just roll on the chart.

Add +1 if one of the characters is a different race

  1. Family: The two characters are related by blood
  2. Debt: The character owns a debt to the second character
  3. Friendship: The characters are simply friends
  4. Desire: The character desires the person of the other character
  5. Nostalgia: The character reminds the person of another person in the past
  6. War: The two characters fought in the same war
  7. Community: The characters are from the same community
  8. Former Henchmen: The characters worked for the same adventurer
  9. Marriage: The characters work together because of a marriage, be they spouses or in-laws
  10. Love-Hate Relationship: The two characters love to hate each other
  11. Responsibility: The character feels responsible for the other in some way
  12. Kinship: The character is considered family but is not related by blood or marriage
  13. Organization: The two characters are from the same organization
  14. Intimate: The two characters are intimate with each in some way, expressing emotions or body
  15. Common Enemy: The two characters have a common enemy they want to take down
  16. Household: The two characters used to live, or still lives, under the same roof
  17. Gang: The two characters used to come from the same small tight knit group
  18. Peer: The two characters are professional peers
  19. School: The two character trained under the same master
  20. Rival: The two characters are rivals to each other
  21. Prophecy: The character has a fortune, prophecy or vision of the second character
  22. Mentor: The two characters had a mentor and student relationship
  23. Hobbyist: The characters enjoy the same hobby
  24. Intimidated: One of the characters is intimidated by the other
  25. Soulmate: The two characters share the same soul but in different bodies
  26. Professional: The two characters meet each other working in the field
  27. Foreigners: The characters meet each other while travelling abroad
  28. Prisoners: The two characters were imprisoned
  29. Childhood: The two characters knew each other during childhood
  30. Survival: The two characters survived a great ordeal together
  31. Inhuman Curiosity. The two characters want to learn about each other’s unique characteristics

Dyson Logos did something similar to this, but in the style of FIASCO relationships (roll a bunch of d6s, choose from the pool to establish the major category and the minor category).

Cool! That’s a handy utility. Thanks for sharing.

Nice! Thanks.