Sinister Stone of Sakkara

After a year of playing, my group finally fought and defeated Idimmu.the Demonic and are about to face the Lady Below. 

In game time about 4 months had passed since they had reached Turos Tem, After many sojourns into the Hidden Temple and a number of side adventures the final battle is at hand.

1st Session

1st to 4th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE

23 AUG/16

The Hundred Horse Chestnut Tree

Lukos the Forester stoked the embers of the campfire with a stick and threw several more branches onto the fire. He lifted his head and watched the smoke of the fire slowly rise up into the branches of the great chestnut tree. A strong breeze from the west carrying the smell of the sea gently swayed the branches. A chorus of twinkling caused by hundreds of trinkets tied to the branches filled the air.

The Hundred Horse Chestnut, named for the fact that the branches could shelter 100 horses, was a famous landmark in Traladar. Travelers have for centuries made their camp under its shade. Lukos had been here a week and seen many people come and go. After travelling across Traladar looking for recruits he had set-up camp to wait and see who would take him up on his offer.

The first to arrive was a Bladedancer of IannaLozen the Lioness. Lukos was pleased beyond words; to have a Bladedancer in his adventuring party would be a boon. She was young and inexperienced, but showed promise. The next to arrive with a rolling gait was a human named Vilhelmus Hastinov, a swashbuckling sailor with a famous last name. There was some initial tension between Vilhelmus and Lozen

Several hours later two elves walked up to the camp, they were in fact twin brothers, Avery and Carrick. Avery was a Spellblade and his brother was………. Well a bit shady, possibly someone with a criminal background, maybe a Nightblade, Carrick was not very forthcoming.

As the sun began to set, a woman approached the camp. Dressed in elven armor and carrying a shield with a black swan device, the woman introduced herself asIvanova Hastinov and she had come to join Luko’s adventuring party. It quickly became clear that Vilhelmus and Ivanova were cousins and they had history together.

Two Hastinovs, two elven twins and a Bladedancer, this was adventuring party was shaping up to be a interesting one. Lukos explained to the group what his intentions were. They would be travelling to the prefecture of Ourosco and the borderlands. Along the way they would be making a few stops along the way to gather recent information coming out of the borderlands. The group settled in for the night.

The next morning as the group was breaking camp a man came running up. Out of breath, he announced his name was Atticus and he was a teller of tales and singer of songs, he had come to join Luko’s adventuring party. The ever growing group hit the road. They travelled for several hours and soon arrived at the Fane of the Fallen, a temple dedicated to the goddess Calefa, the mother of mourning. Lukos gathered some interesting rumors and the party then heading to the famous fortress of the Black Eagle.

The Black Eagle Fortress

The party arrived in the late afternoon to the outskirts of the town surrounding the Black Eagle Fortress. After settling in, the party spent some time relaxing and gathering information about the borderlands. The next morning the party set off towards the borderlands. There last stop before crossing over into Ourosco.

Travelling along the imperial road they came across a wounded ass who charged pass them. Further up the road, a body lay in the middle of road. A ragged figure was hunched over the body chewing on it, the Vilhelmus and Avery drew weapons and charged the creature. Atticus noticed a crying noise coming from a nearby crofters hut and ran to see if any one needed help. The ghoul was quickly dispatched, but with a thunderous crash Atticus came flying out of the hut and landed with a bone-crunching thud on the imperial road.

Charging out of the hut came a ragged female humanoid. Exhibiting incredible strength and speed, the foul-mouthed creature who called herself Agrippa taunted and terrorized the party. The partys attacked it with weapons and magic but the creature seemed to be only mildly inconvenienced. It was only when Lozan smashed a vial of holy water against Agrippa’s head that it retreated to the safety of the dark woods. Ivanava and Vilhelmus gave chase………

2nd Session

4th to 6th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE


The Lushaun Forest

Ivanova and Vilhelmus gave chase to the creature into the Lushaun Forest. After a confusing chase, Ivanova and Vilhelmus lost Agrippa’s trail and found themselves lost in the forest. Meanwhile back at the site of the initial attack Luko’s gathered up the rest of the party and followed the trail left by their comrades. Eventually the party found their missing members in an open glade in the forest. There reunion was interrupted however by the presence of Blood Lilies, which attacked them. The party overcame the blood thirsty plants. Lukos lead them out the forest and back on toward the road.

The Midway Inn

The party got back onto the road and hurried to reach safety before the sun went down and they were stuck on the road at night with the Agrippa somewhere nearby. The party eventually reached the gates of the Midway Inn, a caravanserai located on the imperial road halfway between Siadona and Turos Tem.

The party was able to talk their way in after convincing Adonis, the gatekeeper to let them in, since the doors were normally barred after dark. Once inside, the party availed themselves of the accommodations and got familiar with the locals. The tavern was filled with a wide variety of people. Imperial legionnaires, caravaners, farmers, and a group of mercenaries from the infamous Company of the Silver Sword. Lozan and her henchman Atticus spoke with the resident bard and put together a little impromptu dance that was the highlight of the evening.


After the dance, a barbarian mercenary attempted to paw at Lozan, who deftly avoided his drunken swipes and slammed him into a table. The mercenary’s friends stood up menacingly but then quickly backed down, when the dozen imperial legionnaires who also happened to be spending the night at the inn made it clear that they had the Bladedancer’s back. The leader of the mercenaries, a blonde haired Dane, watched the entire event silently, his icy blue eyes tracking everyone and everything.

On the Road

The party retired from the tavern, to the bath house, Vilhelmus was the last to leave, stopping at the mercenaries’ table to make a promise of violence to the leader of the mercenaries. The mercenary captain said nothing only looking at Vilhelmus with cold disdain.

The next morning, the party arose early and set off on the road towards Turos Tem. Vilhelmus and Garrick seemed to be avoiding making eye contact with each other. The morning started off overcast and by Noon rain was gently failing. By evening, the party had found an abandoned barn to stay the night. Other than a encounter with a giant owl.

Türos Tem

The party finally arrived at Türos Tem and made their way up to the fort. After entering the fort they were stopped by an imperial soldier,Decurion Lynara Miren, who recorded their names. The party quickly located and entered the headquarters of the fort. The headquarters building stands 125’ long and 85’ wide, with 5’ thick walls, and is divided into three parts. The front half is an open colonnaded courtyard, 45’ square, surrounded by a 15’ wide, 15’ tall veranda. Beyond the courtyard is a cross-hall, 25’ wide and 75’ long, with a 25’ roof. Behind the cross-hall lies an elevated shrine flanked by a pair of offices on either side.

The three central rooms are separated from the cross-hall by gated bronze fences that allow free view into the cross-hall and courtyard. Various bulletins and official notices are posted along the walls of the courtyard. The party moved over and checked many of the posted notices. Ivanova made the acquaintance of Quartermaster Koinos Thales, the fort’s quartermaster who quickly warmed to her.

The party then sought out the commander of the fort, the Legate Ulrand Valerian. Arriving at the Legate’s villa they entered the atrium and were ushered into a waiting area with other supplicants seeking an audience with the Legate. The doors to the atrium are massive oak constructions, 10’ wide and tall, studded with bronze adornments. The atrium’s floor is a tiled mosaic mapping the extent of the Thracian Empire as it stood under Stefan the Great. Many of the tiles have been scuffed and broken through the years, such that the map has been reduced to a fractured and chaotic result. 6’6” marble statues of the Empire’s great captains stand at each corner of the atrium – clockwise from the northwest, God-Emperor JustinianStefan the Great, Ludwig Von Hendriks, and Dmitry Hastinov. The walls behind the statues are hung with curtains of red, gold, and purple.

While waiting to meet the Legate, the party meets a beautiful Thracian matron, the Lady Celena Valerian, wife of the Legate. After meeting the party, she extended an invitation to all of them to join them for a banquet later that night.

The Legate

The party were escorted into the legate’s office. A curtain of translucent yellow linen screens the office from the garden to the north. The office within is designed to awe and intimidate petitioners and supplicants. To either side of the entrance are 6’6” tall bronze statues of Ianna, goddess of war. A red-painted cement dais rises 2’ above the floor over the southern half of the room. The dais is surmounted by a marble table with bronze legs in the shape of lion’s paws, behind which sits the legate’s bronze throne. The wall behind the throne has been painted with a map of the borderlands as they were during the time of Stefan the Great (25 years ago).

The party introduced themselves to the Legate and inquired about the warrant for Druss and the reward for ending the beastmen raids along the borderlands. During the meeting, the Legate was surprised at the presence of Ivanova, who he revealed to, everyone’s surprise, was supposed to have died over a year ago. Vilhelmus petitioned the Legate to serve in his legion, but was rebuffed due to the disfavor of the Hastinovs. The party was dismissed shortly afterwards and made their way to the local inn.

3rd Session

6th to 7th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE


The Bathhouse

After being dismissed by the Legate, the party retired to the inn. Grabbing a quick bite to eat in the eatery, Vilhelmus noted that a centurion and a decurion where there drinking. Vilhelmus attempted to ingratiate himself withCenturion Ilarion, wo received him politely. Lozen and Ivanova made the acquaintance of the fort’s annalist Socolo, who they found out would be having dinner with them tonight.

The party soon found themselves heading to the bathhouse, the social center of the settlement. It was here that the party meet some new faces. After a thorough cleaning, the party got dressed and headed back to the fort to have dinner with the Legate and his wife. Along the way they noticed a golden masked figure in black robes walking throught the fort, they found out it was the local mage, Malyn.

The Banquet

Arriving at the Legate’s Villas, they got a chance to see more of it than they had before. Lady Valerian was at her best playing hostess and took great delight in hearing all of the news coming out of the eastern provinces from Lozen and Ivanova.

Later on, Lozen finally got her chance to meet the head of the fort’s hospital, the Priestess Genelan. Lozen found about the nightmares that had been plaguing the locals. She and Ivanova’s nightmares were different, more specific. They did gain two pieces of important information. All of the troubles in the borderlands did not start happening until 2 months ago. The nightmare started a month ago. They also were able to figure out that the creature calling itself Agrippa is a Psychofagos or Soul Eater. These undead creatures were difficult to kill. The party quickly decided they did not have the resources to fight such a creature.

A fantastic feast was then served to the guests. Bowls of poached eggs in fish sauce, cups of Tirenean sweet white honey-mixed wine scented with rose petals, baked grape leaves stuffed with mackerel and cheese where passed around. The house servants also brought out a hige bronze platter with a roast boar stuffed with blood sausage. As everyone ate, Hometri Socolo, stood up and gave a rousing recital of the epic poem of the Trials of Justinian. A desert of honey-sweetened milk custard finished off the evening. Ivanova and Lozen, both of whom were quite attracted to the honey tongued annalist decided to they were going to spend the rest of the night testing his mettle. The rest of the party retired to the inn.

The Next Morning

The party awoke from their sleeping pads in the courtyard of the traveler’s inn. Between the rich food and drink and troubling nightmares, the party was ill rested. Everything they owned was soaked with morning dew as a thick fog had a risen and blanketed the settlement. The party broke fast with wheat biscuits and honey (1cp) from the inn’s kitchen and discussed what would be there next course of action. Vilhelmus seemed to think that searching for the beastmen’s raiding camps in the Viaspen Forest. Jozen, Avery and Garrick got up and headed up the hill to the fort to the Annalists Office to look at some information. Ivanova decided to stay behind to pray to her goddess. Vilhelmus also decided to stay behind, drinking some hot kaf (1 cp).

A hour and half later the party reunited at the eatery. After discussing there plans, they left the settlement and head towards the Viaspen Forest.


Great write-up!

And I love the art work you found for the PCs, and the way you wrote up the characters. Epic.



Great write-up!

And I love the art work you found for the PCs, and the way you wrote up the characters. Epic.




Coming from you, I consider this high praise


Thought the Woods and Under the Hill, Slaver’s Bells Ringing

7th to 8th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE


The Viaspen Forest

The party made good time as they left Turos Tem and marched across the country side towards the Viaspen Forest. They noted that a number of farms had been burned and looted. Travelers on the roads seem to always be travelling in groups often with guards. Upon reaching the woods,

They began to look for clues to where the beastmen raiders were coming from. As the sun rose higher the mist and fog lifted and the sun came out. The would-be-heroes stopped under a tree to eat. Atticus pulled out his harp and sang a little ditty.

Ho! Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go 
To heal my heart and drown my woe. 
Rain may fall and wind may blow, 
And many miles be still to go, 
But under a tall tree I will lie, 
And let the clouds go sailing by

The party then continued their exploration of the dark forest. A malignancy seemed to hang in the air as they pushed deeper into the forest. An hour later they soon encountered a bandit who was convulsing on the ground. Four winged creatures feasted upon him. Seeing the party, the creature launched an attack upon them; they were Stirges, blood drinking vermin. The party managed to kill all of the creatures with Atticus receiving a mortal wood. Thanks to the healing skills of party members it was a minor wound.

Lukos, using his tracking skills, followed the trail of the bandit back to the bandits hiding spot. He had been a sentry or lookout for his gang judging from the items found at his post. The party decided to set an ambush to capture the bandit’s relief. Day turned to evening, evening to dusk. The party abandoned the ambush and made camp instead.

Vilhelmus and Garrick stayed in the trees to keep watch over the camp. However their vigilance was not enough as a hideous mockery of nature howled its way into their camp. What was once a dire wolf and now was mutated monstrosity attacked the party. He grabbed Ivanovainto its jaws and shook her like a rag doll and causing a mortal wound. The rest of the party managed to slay the beast, but not before Lukos witnessed the bard panic at a sound in the woods. Atticus fired blindly in the dark, striking Garrick who had been trying to work his way to attack the wolf from the rear.

Both Garrick and Ivanova had received mortal wounds. The gods however seemed to smile upon them as Lukos had packed a number of medical supplies. Both recovered with minor injuries and no need of bed rest.

The Black Hill

In the morning, Lukos was able to find the trail of the wolf. Curious to see what could transform such a beast he followed it. The trail led him to a black granite monadnock, an isolated mountain or rock that has resisted the process of erosion and stands alone in an otherwise flat area. The party observed there was a massive crack in the side of the rock, with many foot prints leading in and out of it. After watching for about an hour, they witnessed a group of beastmen, possible goblins or hobgoblins entering the crack.

The party headed down and scouted out the crack. Inside the crack the black walls of some kind of structured could be seen. SFour scaly, dog faced beastmen guarded the doors. Ivanova wanted to lead the charge but Vilhelmus ended up being the first to walk in and attempted to distract the guards as the rest of the party charged. The fight was short and the kobolds all died before an alarm could be sounded, thanks to the less than trusty bows of Atticus and Lukos. The party stopped and took a moment to take stock of their situation and decide their next course of action.

Bonus XP: 250 xp to the first player who can name the book that the song that Atticus sings in the comments for this Journal Entry.




The Deal with the Devil

8th of Pendaelen, (Early Spring) 1013YE


Return to Turos Tem

The party decided to return to Turos Tem to restock on provisions and decided their next course of action. On the morning of the 9th, the Party left the fort and returned to the mysterious hidden structure where beastmen seemed to be conjugating.

The Merchant

After a couple of hours travel the party spied a wagon being escorted by several riders. The sharp eyes and wit of several members of the party saw that the wagon was heading towards the hidden temple and not to any nearby town.

The party raced ahead of the wagon through the woods and across a stream to spring an ambush on the Merchant. It a bloody fight, the party slew all but one of the bandits, a man named Antonius. They quickly learned that Antonius and his men had waylaid a merchant and was take their spoils back to their leader, the wanted felon Drusus.

Antonius pleaded for his life and attempted to convince the party they should join the growing bandit army gathering under Drusus’s Banner. The party seeing an opportunity told Antonius they would consider his offer.

They escorted the Antonious and the wagon back to the hidden temple. Once there, they were taken to the bandit factions turf inside the temple. After some daring bluffs they meet Drusus , who looked them over and decided if they wanted to be a part of his new army, they had to kill the leader of the kobold faction. The party had gained considerable intelligence about the temple, the factions within and the mysterious leader who dwelt in the lower levels, The Lady Below. They accepted his test and marched forth to kill the Kobold King.

The Kobolds

The party headed over to the area where which the Kobolds claimed as their own. After a chilling experience with a couple of crab spiders, Lukos was badly poisoned. Using here healing skills, Lozen and Ivanova were able to save his life. It was then decided that Atticus would take Lukos back to Turos Tem where he could recover safely.

The party headed back into the temple and finally located the kobolds lair. The managed to convince the door guards they were sent by Druss to deliver a message to their king. Once inside the throne room things quickly turned into a blood bath. After beating wave after wave of kobolds, the party was left injured but alive.

Getting Caught Up

9th to 22nd of Pendaelen

20, DEC/16

Session VI– 9th to 22nd of Pendaelen


Party returns to Turos Tem, where Garrick and Lukos recover in the hospital. The rest of the party find ways to amuse themselves.

Avery leaves town without explanation.

Vilhelmus engages in some Drunken Debauchery that leads to the capture of the Infamous criminal Jerle Hardbottom and Avery’s hand being maimed. The Priestess Genelen was able to restore the hand, but now the party owes her the head of Agrippa the Defiler.

After recovering from the mortal wound and tampering with his mortality, Avery can now speak with the dead.

The party returns to the ancient temple and encounters Antonius. They find the kobold’s treasure, deface some unholy murals and kill the guardian of the treasure, a spitting cobra.

Session VI– 17th to 22nd of Pendaelen


Antoninus ends up losing his head and the party gets asked to deal with a Gnoll issue. The gnolls and their kobold cannon fodder prove to be a tough challenge for the heroes.

Both Avery and Garrick received mortal wounds that end up in the brother’s receiving matching gruesome scars, TWINS!.

The party is forced to return to town, so the elf twins could receive proper medical care.

Once back in town the brothers are settled in at the hospital. After a full day of bed rest, Avery is discharged.

While they were getting medical care, Ivanova, Lozen and Avery got into some drunken debauchery. The night ends up with the three of them having to appear on the parade grounds at dawn to duel with members of the Black Bull Mercenary Company. The trio prevails kill their opponents in a Turas Blessed Duel.

Vilhelmus stayed on the sidelines watching the duel, while sinister eyes watched their every move. A dark shadow had attached itself to the party.

Garrick while still in the hospital is approached by a man named Loch, a representative of the Silver Scale Trading Company. Loch thinks Garrick is Avery and demands that Avery return something he had acquired.

After the duel, events transpired that forced Avery to reveal that he had come in to possession of a large amount of opium, but he did not reveal the exact manner in which he came into possession and what else he got in return

On the evening of the 22nd, Avery, Lozen, Ivanova, and Vilhelmus prepare to head out in the morning to a remote homestead to meet with the representative from the Company of the Silver Sword Company.

Loch & Keye

23rd of Pendaelen

10, JAN/17

The Battle of the Farm

Session VIII – 23rd of Pendaelen

The party leaves Turos Tem and heads to meeting with the man known as Master Loch. The location is a farm located an hour and half from the fort. Upon nearing the farm, Vilhelmus and Ivanova split off from the party to circle around a barn to approach the farmhouse from the side. Lozan, Avery and Garrick approaching the farmhouse directly, Atticus and Lukos decided to hang back with bows ready to lend support.

Loch is standing out in the open near the farmhouse waiting for them. Avery hands over the opium but Mister Locke become enraged when he sees that the map that Avery took was not included. It is at this point a band of bandits appears members of Drusus’s faction from the temple. They are there to steal the opium and kill the party for making deals behind Drusus’s back with the Silver Scales.

Before a fight breaks out, another interested party arrives. A party of dwarves led Holgrim Bone-Breaker, son of the Vault Lord of High Forge, Oberron Troll-Nose. They are there to question Mister Locke over the recent disappearance of a dwarven merchant. Holgrim then proceeds to arrest everyone present. Loch at this point reveals his trump card, his partner Keye, a Zaharan Necromancer who was hiding in the farmhouse.

A massive melee ensues; Vilhelmus is knocked through the doors of the barn where he discovers the hanging disemboweled bodies of the owners of the farm. The intestines become animated and begin to attack him. Ivanova is able to free them as the rest of the party attempts to defeat Mister Locke and Keys. The battle ends with Key’s blowing up the farmhouse; allowing the duo to escape in the confusion. The bandits were all killed, as was one of the dwarves. A brief parley between the party and the dwarves reveals the past connects of the Hastinov’s family with Oberron Troll-Nose (from previous campaign).

Two key pieces of information that was revealed during the encounter was that Avery possessed an ancient map that the Silver Scale Trading Company wanted badly and that Drusus’s has a spy in Turos Tem that has been keeping an eye on the party.

Truth Be Told

Pendaelen, 24th – 28th (May 5th-9th)

1, FEB/17

After the Battle at the Farmhouse

Pendaelen, 24th – 28th (May 5th-9th)

The Party returned to Türos Tem needing to recover from their fight with Locke and Keye. Many of the party members had been wounded and were in need of an extended period of rest and recovery. Both the elven twins end up with identical matching scars that require extensive healing. After the elves convalescence was over a meeting was had.

Several important matters were discussed by the group. The Twins revealed to the party that they were current members of the elven political movement known as the New Hellions and revealed to the group what their true purpose for being out in the borderlands. The brothers were seeking out treasure and magical items to aid their movement in retaking the elven city of Selenica.

Vilhelmus surprised everyone there when he throw his support to the brother going so far as to declare himself for the New Hellions and asks to join the group. Vilhelmus’s bitterness toward the empire treatment of him was evident.

The group also discussed the fact that it was clear that Drusus, Brigand King did not trust them and would double-cross them as soon as it was convenient. The group truly bonded at this time and swore an oath of truth and loyalty to each other. They then began to make preparation to return to the Hidden Temple.

Kill Druss

Zigelen, 1st – 7th (May 10th-16th)

25, FEB/17

Kill Drusus

Zigelen, 1st – 7th (May 10th-16th)

The party completed their preparations and heads back to the Hidden Temple. Their plan was simple, march in and put an end to Drusus and his bandits, once and for all. A blood-spattered melee ensued as the party fought their way past the guards at the front doors of the temple and entered the grand hallway. They then headed east to the old chapel where the bandits had their camp.

A savage battle erupted in the Bandit Quarter as the party tore through the bandits and soon found them face to face with Drusus. The bandit chieftain and his remaining guards stood their ground and made a last stand. The fight was short but intense as the party emerged victorious. Vilhelmus and Garrick dealing a combined blow killed Drusus.

The party began to loot the bandit’s camp when tragedy strikes. Garrick attempted to pick the lock on a iron chest behind Drusus’s throne, triggered a needle trap which poisoned him. Only the healing skills of Lozan saved him from death.

The party decided to head back to Türos Tem, where Garrick and Atticus could recover from their wounds. The group then began to make plans on their next steps. Lukos hired a number of henchmen to help him secure the Bandit Quarters in the Hidden Temple to use as a base of operations. Avery and Garrick decide to head to Rifllian to get additional training; Lozan and Ivanova decided to go with them. Vilhelmus and Atticus headed home to the Hastinov Estate to inform D’mitri of what the party had discovered.

You Can Never Go Home Again

Zigelen, 4th – 23rd (May 17th – June 2nd)

4, MAR/17

Training and Mayhem

Zigelen, 4th – 23rd (May 17th – June 2nd)

AveryGarrickLozen and Ivanova made the trek to the elven town ofRifllian. Traveling on the Western Krysivor River from Türos Tem to Türos Drav they made several important discoveries. They found a weathered elven landmark that denotes several locations in the region, including a lost elven tower and a shrine.

In was late afternoon, when the group arrived at Türos Drav, so the group decided to stay the night. While they were in town, they were being watched by a stranger. Garrick quietly dispatched the spy who turned out to be a member of a strange cult who wore black hare masks and worshipped Duvan’ku.

The party members eventually made it to the elven town where the elven brothers immediately dive into their training. Garrick found the local Nightblade Trainer, a elven woman named Maya, who promptly gave Garrick his first lesson by ripping him off. Avery began his training under the eye of Othar Longbranch, a renowed Spellblade.

Lozen and Ivanova, who had never seen an elven town before where quick to sample it’s many delights, especially the Nightingale Market. After several weeks, the elves were almost done with their training, however Lozen and Ivanova had engaged in drunken debauchery.

They caused a massive uproar and soon the four of them had to flee the town due to an issue with cocks and an angry elven nobleman. The four of them eventually headed south, uniting with Vilhelmus and Atticus at the Hastinov Estate.


Campaign Map - Created with Hexographer ver 1.8 using B/W TileSet and Alternative Icon Pack

You will notice that this map differs greatly from the campaign map in the published adventurer. I place the the adventure in my world in the western prefects of the province of Taladar, which is my alternate history version of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.